Droid Weight!

Droid Weight is a simple, easy to use, free android weight tracking app that helps you keep a journal of your weight on your android phone.

Go to https://www.workreloaded.com/software/droid-weight/

Droid Weight alternatives

Libra - Weight Manager

Libra lets you monitor your weight with a trend line, share charts and sync your progress with the cloud.

tags: health fitness weight weight-tracker weight-loss
platform: Android


TactioHealth is available on both iOS and Android as a free download from Apple AppStore & Google Play respectively, and provides a complete health...

tags: health-tracking
platform: Mac OS X Android


Whether you are trying to lose (or gain) a few pounds, tracking your weight has never been more fun. Set your goal weight, record your weight at an...

tags: health weight-tracker weight
platform: iPhone

Ideal Weight Asistant

Ideal Weight Asistant calculates your ideal and healthy weight, ideal waist. It show current form, fat rate, need to do, expected precaution, daily...

tags: weight-tracker ideal-weight fat-rate follow-weight healthy-weight
platform: Windows Phone

Health by Zeplia

Living a healthier life is often challenging. Changing your daily routine in order to accommodate one hour of running or changes to your culinary h...

tags: health-and-fitness fitness weight-tracker body-mass-index weightloss
platform: Android Android Tablet

Smart Weight Chart

Smart Weight Chart Android software helps you tracking your weight by logging it and show in a graph. It also communicate wireless with the Smart S...

tags: health weight-tracker weight body-fat imc
platform: Android

Weight Chart

Android application for keeping a personal log of body weight and displaying as a chart.

tags: health weight-tracker weight body-fat imc
platform: Android