Converber's library of units has more than 300 entries in 22 categories including acceleration, electric current, flow, volume, and more. On the of...
--- # Converber Download ownload Packages --- **Type** *Filename** *Size** *Download** Install 1 onverber.exe 47 kB downloads/converber.exe No-install 2 50 kB downloads/ iPhone/iPod/iPad
iphone Win9x/ME Install 4 onverber.exe 33 kB downloads/converber180.exe Additional Files Help file onverber.chm 2 kB downloads/converber.chm Help file nline converber/help PAD file nline downloads/converber.xml **Note 1:** Installer Uninstaller. **Note 2:** Stand-Alone. No setup required. Unzip files to directory and run included executable. Moving it to a different folder is never a problem. To uninstall you just delete the directory you created for the first run. **Note 4

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Converber alternatives

Online video converter

Video conversion tool to convert a video link or file to various formats.

tags: mp3-converter format-converters
platform: Online


A comprehensive unit conversion program.

tags: Portable measurement unit-converter units
platform: Windows Linux

Convert for Windows

Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, and many others.

tags: WINE unit-converter measurement conversions
platform: Windows Linux


This is a very simple unit converter with a clear interface.

tags: unit-converter
platform: Android


multiConvert is a free, open-source unit converter software with real-time conversion result.

tags: unit-converter
platform: Linux Android

All The Units

Metric Units Conversion, Imperiall Units, SI, Excel Formulas , Calculators, Conversion Tables: Length, Temperature, Area, Volume, Time, Speed, Ener...

tags: area calculator conversion-tables energy excel-formulas
platform: Online


ESBUnitConv is a Free User-friendly Windows Utility to easily convert between units of measurement. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass,...

tags: Portable unit-converter units-converter
platform: Windows

Unit Converter Tool

Unit Conversion Tool is a powerful, award-winning and easy-to-use utility for quick and accurate conversion between almost every possible unit of m...

tags: unit-converter measurement
platform: Windows

Mostappz Unit Converter

Unit converter is a set of top android Smart tools collection for Engineers ..- more than 15+ category .- calculate over 1000+ units .- currency co...

tags: currency-converter offline-access unit-converter unit-testing
platform: Android Android Tablet


ConvertPad is a fully featured unit converter offering various unit conversions in a Android phone. It is the units converter made specifically to ...

tags: calculator currency currency-converter unit-converter
platform: Android


Conversion of currencies, metric, imperial and others including the following 27 conversion groups and many subgroups:

tags: Discontinued unit-converter measurement conversions
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Discontinued


Flib will learn your preferences and auto arrange your frequent choices at the top of the list. It is probably the most beautiful, intelligent and ...

tags: Discontinued unit-converter colors
platform: Android Android Tablet Discontinued


Convert length, area, volume, weight, temperature, speed, and do much more free online.

tags: unit-converter
platform: Online


Unitspan is a free unit converter for windows mobile with beautiful and simple aesthetics, simplistic controls, and well-designed interactions maki...

tags: unit-converter converters measurement-converter unit-and-currency-converter
platform: Windows Phone