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Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to remotely access another computer through Chrome browser or a Chromebook. Computers can be made available on an short-term basis for scenarios such as ad hoc remote support, or on a more long-term basis for remote access to your applications and files. All connections are fully secured. Chrome Remote Desktop is fully cross-platform. Provide remote assistance to Windows, Mac and Linux users, or access your Windows (XP and above and Mac (OS X 10.6 and above desktops at any time, all from the Chrome browser on virtually any device, including Chromebooks. For information about privacy, please see the Google Privacy Policy and the Chrome Privacy Policy. For help or troubleshooting please click here:

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Be Limitless alternatives

Papaly is a personalized start page that is your go-to bookmark manager that fits all your needs. You’re able to sync your bookmarks fast and e...

tags: bookmark-manager bookmark-organize bookmark-storage bookmark-sync bookmarking
platform: Online iPhone Chrome OS Vivaldi Browser Google Chrome Firefox is a premium bookmark manager. It helps users spend less time digging for links and more time browsing them. The product is rich in featur...

tags: bookmark-manager bookmark-organize bookmark-parsing bookmarking bookmarks
platform: Online Internet Explorer Vivaldi Browser Google Chrome Safari Torch Browser Pale Moon Firefox

FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial - Speed dial button, Online Synchronization, New Tab Start Page, Organize bookmarks, Custom backgrounds, custom dials, organized gro...

tags: chrome-extension firefox-extension new-tab-page speed-dial start-page
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome Firefox

Humble New Tab Page

Redesigned new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, recently closed, and weather in a custom layout.Features:- Simple, clean desi...

tags: chrome-extension customizable customization firefox-extension minimalistic
platform: Chrome OS Google Chrome Firefox

Awesome HQ

Awesome HQ is your dashboard for everything. Apps, custom shortcuts, and widgets in the most customizable interface for both desktop and mobile. Ar...

tags: bookmarks igoogle-like integrated-search online-bookmarks personal-homepage
platform: Online

Awesome New Tab Page

Enhance your Google Chrome New Tab Page with ultimate customizability and power. Awesome, like you.

tags: chrome-extension extensible metro-ui new-tab-page personal-homepage
platform: Chrome OS Google Chrome

Speed Dial 2

Speed dial 2 is ultimate replacement of new tab page for Google Chrome with quick access to your most visited pages, bookmarks and browsing history.

tags: chrome-extension html5-based new-tab-page speed-dial
platform: Mac OS X Windows Google Chrome


Control your browsing with customised Start & New tab. Personalise backgrounds, add bookmarks and a lot more.The Custom Background WiinKz Start Page

tags: chrome-extension new-tab-page search-engine start-page startpage
platform: Online Android Chrome OS Google Chrome Kindle Fire


Molly - the first open source language assistant for google chrome for free!What's on your mind? - just ask Molly, or type your question into the i...

tags: chrome-extension language-translation startpage voice-assistant
platform: Windows Google Chrome


- What is hiTabs?Hitabs is a free cloud based web service to save, group and share your links and bookmarks.

tags: bookmark-manager bookmarking bookmarklet bookmarks bookmarks-favorites
platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Android iPhone Chrome OS Google Chrome


Change your new tab page to an informal and great looking page.

tags: chrome-extension new-tab-page
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome OS Google Chrome


Combobox is a classic design personalized start page with lots of unique features and ways of customization. Instantly available and functional, no...

tags: igoogle-like integrated-search online-bookmarks personal-homepage rss
platform: Online


QuickTab is a simple and minimalist new tab replacement. It offers customizable speed dial, clock and beautiful unique themes.Quick Tab is a beauti...

tags: chrome-extension customizable minimalistic new-tab-page speed-dial
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome OS Google Chrome


Transform your new tab page to something beautiful, and unique. Choose from our array of background providers, customise it to you, and be rewarded...

tags: chrome-extension dribbble firefox-extension giphy new-tab-page
platform: Online Google Chrome Chromium Firefox

X New Tab Page

X New Tab Page is an extended application of the browser which is based on HTML5. It offers several features such as speed dial, cloud addition, an...

tags: Discontinued chrome-extension html5-based new-tab-page speed-dial
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome Discontinued