Anitro is an application for Windows Phone 8.1 that allows you to View and Manage your entire profile.

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Anitro alternatives


Taiga is an open-source desktop application for Windows. It automatically detects the episodes you're watching on your computer and synchronizes yo...

tags: anime episode-tracker manga myanimelist
platform: Windows

MAL Updater

An anime 'scrobbler', auto-updates anime on your list at when you watch it on your computer.

tags: anime anime-manager anime-scrobbler anime-scrobbling audio-scrobbling
platform: Windows

Pocket MAL

Pocket MAL is unofficial Android client for and enables the users to track their anime and manga

tags: anime manga anime-list manga-manager anime-manager
platform: Android


Tenpenchii helps you track the anime/manga you're following, discover new anime and socialize with other fans.

tags: anime anime-list anime-manager hummingbird-client
platform: Android


Anizen is a modern iOS app for you to track anime and manage your library.

tags: anime anime-list anime-tracking
platform: iPhone iPad


Shinjiru is an anime recognition and list management tool for AniList.

tags: anime anime-list anime-manager anime-tracking
platform: Windows