AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker!

AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker is handy photos program designed to arrange our pictures into collages to keep memories and share our story with fami...

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AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker alternatives


PhotoCollage is a graphical tool to make photo collage posters. PhotoCollage allows you to create photo collage posters from a list of photographs....

tags: photo-collage-creator photo-collage-maker
platform: Linux


PhotoSpills helps you easily create eye-catching collages using your own digital photos. With PhotoSpills, you simply choose the photos you want to...

tags: photo-collage-creator photo-effects
platform: Windows

Photo Collage Maker

Photo Collage Maker is digital scrapbooking and photo collage software. It allows you to create and print scrapbook layouts quickly and easily. Aut...

tags: photo-collage-creator scrapbook scrapbooking
platform: Windows

Shape Collage

Shape Collage is a free automatic photo collage maker that lets you create picture collages in any shape in less than a minute with just a few mous...

tags: photos photo-collage-creator
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Snap2IMG generates contact sheets (also known as thumbnail sheets or image index) for folders on your hard drive. The result is a larger image cont...

tags: Portable photos image-processing images photo-album
platform: Windows


CollageIt is an easy-to-use and automatic collage maker, which makes photo collage automatically. There are only three steps to make your stunning ...

tags: photo-collage-creator collage
platform: Mac OS X Windows


If you love taking pictures of everything around you, then the best way to share it with your friends without disturbing them is to make a beautifu...

tags: photo-collage-creator photo-effects photos
platform: Mac OS X Windows


Photovisi is a free and easy to use online tool to create photo collages. Select one of the many collage templates, add your photos and then custom...

tags: photo-collage-creator
platform: Online


Combine up to ten (10) photos Wide variety of layout choices (more than 100) Adjust frame size to create unique framed compositions Use gradient co...

tags: collage-makers
platform: Windows

Collage Creator Photo Art Lab

Stitch your pics and instantly create funky picture collages in a variety of shapes in just few minutes. Take your Facebook, Instagram, phone galle...

tags: photo-editing photo-album photo-collage-creator
platform: Windows Phone

Pretty Collage Maker

A collage maker app packed with lots of assets that you will be glued to your phone’s screen!!It is not just a photo collage maker, it is a storyte...

tags: photo-editing photo-collage-creator
platform: Android Android Tablet

PhotoTangler Collage Maker

PhotoTangler Collage Maker is a unique image blending app that quickly turns photographs into beautiful works of art... it's simple, fun, and the r...

tags: photo-collage-creator
platform: Windows Android iPhone iPad

Phototastic Collage

Create a collage using classic frame borders or choose from one of the film templates like Polaroid, photobooth or filmstrip or try out the new Fac...

tags: built-in-image-editor image-to-multiframe photo-collage-creator photo-effects share-photos
platform: Windows Windows Phone


Easily create graphic designs, make photo collages and edit photos online. Massive templates, easy to customize. Making posters, flyers, cards, inv...

tags: art graphics photo-collage-creator photo-collage-maker photo-editing
platform: Online

Magic Collage

Magic Collage is an automatic and easy to use photo collage creator software that lets you to create impressive photo collage automatically in a fe...

tags: photo-collage-creator
platform: Windows