ANTS Memory Profiler!

ANTS Memory Profiler is a .NET memory profiler for finding memory leaks and optimizing the memory usage of .NET applications written in C# or VB.NET.

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ANTS Memory Profiler alternatives

.NET Memory Profiler

.NET Memory Profiler is a powerful tool for finding memory leaks and optimizing the memory usage in programs written in C#, VB.NET or any other .NE...

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CLR Profiler for .NET Framework

The CLR Profiler allows developers to see the allocation profile of their managed applications. The CLR Profiler includes a number of very useful v...

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dotTrace Memory

With dotTrace Memory, you can quickly profile the memory usage of your applications based on .NET Framework up to version 4. The profiling process ...

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Stackify Prefix

Prefix is a free, slick, super-profiling sidekick for .NET developers. Download now and fix application issues before they get to production.

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Telerik JustTrace

JustTrace is Telerik’s 2-in-1 memory and performance profiler for .NET. JustTrace profiles .NET apps to pinpoint and assist in resolving memory lea...

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YourKit .NET Profiler

YourKit Profiler provides zero-overhead profiling for your .NET applications and makes code profiling and memory usage optimization simple and fast.

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