ACE (Ajax Code Editor)!

Focused and built towards coders, web designers, and web builders, ACE (Ajax Code Editor) can help users get familiar with how the coding is and it...

1. In the Ace repository, navigate to the _tools
folder. 2. Run `npm install` to install required dependencies. 3. Run `node tmlanguage.js `; for example, `node /Users/Elrond/elven.tmLanguage` Two files are created and placed in _lib/ace/mode_: one for the language mode, and one for the set of highlight rules. You will still need to add the code into _ace/ext/modelist.js_, and add a sample file for testing.

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ACE (Ajax Code Editor) alternatives

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a free / commercial Java IDE by JetBrains. Its design is centered on programmer productivity. A number of its features are intende...

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Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is a fast, smart, free and open-source code editor. Switching your trusty code editor is hard, but give Komodo Edit (or its big brother...

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Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is a complete web development environment that combines powerful authoring tools with a collection of online hosting and collaboratio...

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Adobe Dreamweaver

Tool for building websites and applications. Adobe Dreamweaver software is intended for web designers, web developers, and visual designers.

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TextMate brings Apples approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. By bridging UNIX underpinnings and GUI, TextMate cherry-picks ...

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Coda is a fast, clean, and powerful text editor with pixel-perfect preview and a built-in way to open and manage your local and remote files. And a...

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PSPad is a freeware programmers editor in 8 languages for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Some features are highlighted syntax, ftp, projects ...

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Bluefish Editor

Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and webdesigners, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Blu...

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Pinegrow Web Editor

Pinegrow is a desktop app that lets you build responsive websites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS styling and smart components for Bootstr...

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BlueGriffon is a WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. Powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox, it can edit Web pages in conform...

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Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a a program from Google for creating interactive HTML5 ads and other HTML5 content for any device.

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Easy Web Authoring!

tags: Discontinued Portable css file-transfer-protocol html
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Silex is a website builder for designers. It is free and open source, so you can use it online or download it and host it yourself.

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Espresso is a powerful text editor for web developers, from the creators of CSSEdit . Elegant syntax highlighting, superior navigation, code foldin...

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Create websites faster with our powerful & intuitive editor. Generates W3C-compliant HTML/CSS/PHP code. Free website templates are available.

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