zzzz.io alternatives

  • No-IP

  • No-IP allows you to create up to 3 free Dynamics DNS hosts for private use. You will need to register for a free account, and either update your IP address via their web interface or download their Windows client. Free DNS allows you to create up to 3 hosts on a set of domains provided by No-IP.com

    tags: dns domain-name dynamic-dns dynamic-ip network-utility
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Dyn

  • Dynamic Network Services provides world-class DNS (Domain Name System) hosting and management services, domain registration, email services, network monitoring by hostname or IP address, and web redirection.

    tags: dns domain-registration dynamic-dns dynamic-ip email-services
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • FreeDNS

  • Free DNS, Dynamic DNS, Static DNS services; 5 free shared hostnames, use anywhere; Unlimited number of domains per account (yes really);Free subdomain hosting, free domain hosting, free backup dns, reverse IPv6 DNS hosting (forward/reverse);Free URL redirection [web forwarding];20 free subdomains per domain, use on your own domains onlyINSTANTLY point yourname.afraid.org or yourname.com to any IP or URL;Dynamic DNS supported, several clients for Win32 and UNIX availableCurrently 86,232 other domains besides afraid.org in our shared domain pool;Round robin DNS supported (Multiple IP addresses for 1 hostname);IPv6 forward AND reverse (both .int and .arpa) supported. »

    tags: dns dns-hosting domain-forwarding dynamic-dns dynamic-ip
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Duck DNS

  • Duck DNS free dynamic DNS hosted on Amazon EC2.Duck DNS is a free service which will point a DNS (sub domains of duckdns.org) to an IP of your choice.

    tags: dns dns-hosting dynamic-dns dynamic-ip
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Hover

  • Hover makes domain name management simple. Our goal is to make every function here as intuitive and simple as it can be. We study the apps and sites we love and try to apply the best of it here. Fewer clicks. Smarter ways to pack and unpack information.We have tried to bring the same simplicity to everything you do at Hover, whether you’re searching for a domain name, forwarding an email address, changing your password or renewing your services.One reason other domain name services make it so difficult for you to do the things you want to do (register and forward a domain, for example) is that they really want you to do more expensive things. So they litter your path with aggressive and confusing sales pitches.Our approach is different. We don’t sell a ton of services. We want you to understand what you’re buying and to get your tasks done quickly and easily. If you’re happy with our services, we just want you to renew them. And maybe tell a few friends. »

    tags: domain-forwarding domain-registration url-forwarding
    platform: Online
  • DNS-O-Matic

  • DNS-O-Matic (dnsomatic.com) provides you a free and easy way to announce your dynamic IP changes to multiple services with a single update.

    tags: dns dnsomatic dynamic-dns dynamic-ip opendns
    platform: Online
  • nsupdate.info

  • nsupdate.info is a dynamic dns service.

    tags: domain-registration dynamic-dns dynamic-ip
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • iWantMyName

  • Register your own custom domain for web applications, email, blog or website such as Google Apps, Gmail, MobileMe, Tumblr, Blogger, Posterous and more. Easy setup, international domains & free DNS hosting with domain management service iWantMyName.

    tags: domain-name domains registration web-address idn
    platform: Online
  • ClouDNS.net

  • Free DNS, Managed DNS and DDoS Protected DNS hosting with included web redirects, mail forwards and Round-Robin load balancing. Instant updates in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

    tags: dns dns-hosting free-dns
    platform: Online
  • Dynu Dynamic DNS

  • Dynu offers free dynamic DNS service for yourname.dynu.com and yourname.com. It has a simple API(update URL) and offers free update client software.Other features include+ IPV6 support+ web redirect(port 80 redirect, URL forwarding)+ subdomains+ MX record+ round robin DNS (multiple IP addresses for 1 hostname)+ offline settings(redirect to offline message or offline URL)+ custom DNS records(TXT, SPF,HINFO,SRV etc.)Sign up page: https://www.dynu.com/ControlPanel/AddDDNS

    tags: custom-dns dns-records dns-server domain-forwarding domains
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • DtDNS

  • DtDNS provides DNS hosting and related services to everyone from home users to hosting firms with hundreds of domain names. Dynamic DNS is supported on all services.

    tags: dns dns-hosting dns-server dynamic-dns dynamic-ip
    platform: Online
  • .co.vu

  • co.vu is a free domain name service where you can register free domain names and dead simple way to connect to your popular online services like Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly and Many more..

    tags: configurable dns domain-names email-forwarding nameservers
    platform: Online
  • Neustar UltraDNS DNS Services

  • Neustar UltraDNS provides a secure and reliable managed DNS service to help businesses enable and protect their online presence. UltraDNS ensures 100% website availability and optimal performance, with built-in security for superior protection that is scalable to future demands. We deliver for thousands of companies all across the globe, including many of the Fortune 500 and the Alexa Top 100 online businesses.

    tags: dns dns-hosting high-availability load-balancing managed-dns
    platform: Online
  • DNS.com

  • DNS.com is the leading provider of Managed DNS, Enterprise DNS, and Geo-locational DNS (GeoDNS) services. Offering Authoritative, Anycast and CDN DNS hosting.

    tags: networking dns-hosting managed-dns cdn-dns-hosting geodns
    platform: Online
  • TinyArrows

  • TinyArro.ws makes the world's smallest links from your long links. To do this, we use the magic of Unicode and the growing support for International Domain Names.

    tags: domain-forwarding url-forwarding url-shortening utf8
    platform: Online