ZMover alternatives

  • AutoSizer

  • AutoSizer automatically resizes programs for you, keeping them at a specific size or keeping them maximized. One popular use is to keep Internet Explorer maximized when you go on the web. It works with most software programs, and supports maximizing to specific monitors on multi-monitor computers. Use the handy Always On Top system tray menu to quickly position specific programs above all others. Thanks to Michael A., Brian E., Juliet, Barbara M., John W., Malcolm H. and everyone else who gave ideas and helped improve the program. ยป

    tags: Discontinued autosize resize-windows window-resizer
  • WinSize2

  • WinSize2 can move windows automatically to a predefined place and / or resize the width and/or height to a predefined size.If you use different screen resolutions you can store individual window positions for each of the resolutions.

    tags: Discontinued auto-resize automatic resize-windows resizer
  • TaskLayout

  • TaskLayout is a small portable Windows utility which allow saving/restoring of desktop layout (a set of specified apps/windows with corresponding position on screen) in a single click.

    tags: Portable application-launcher arrange-windows batch-mode create-hotkeys
  • WinWarden

  • Automatically control how to display a window.

    tags: window-manager