Looking for older versions? Check the archive http://code.google.com/p/semicomplete/downloads/list?q
label:xdotool. * Debian and Ubuntu users can install xdotool with: apt-get install xdotool _ (Note: you will get a pretty ancient version of xdotool, if you want newer ones check here http://code.google.com/p/semicomplete/downloads/list?can
2&q label:deb+label:xdotool+label:featured&colspec Filename+Summary+Uploaded+Size+DownloadCount_ * FreeBSD ports has xdotool in x11/xdotool * Fedora users can install xdotool: yum install xdotool * Mac OS X users can install xdotool using MacPorts http://www.macports.org
with: sudo port install xdotool * OpenSUSE users can install xdotool: zypper install xdotool 1. make all install 2. If if you want to run the test suit

xdotool alternatives

  • Sikuli

  • Sikuli is a visual technology to search and automate graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots). The first release of Sikuli contains Sikuli Script, a visual scripting API for Jython, and Sikuli IDE, an integrated development environment for writing visual scripts with screenshots easily. Sikuli Script automates anything you see on the screen without internal APIs support. You can programmatically control a web page, a desktop application running on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X, or even an iphone application running in an emulator. »

    tags: automation image-matching ocr screen-capture screen-match
  • FastKeys

  • All in one Windows automation software. Fully configurable start menu, shortcuts, text expander, auto complete and mouse gestures. User-defined commands to run files, open webpages, send macros or automate anything. Incredibly powerful but yet simple to use.

    tags: Portable auto-clicker auto-complete auto-completion autocompletion
  • TinyTask

  • TinyTask provides quick and easy automation by recording-playback. It is a case study in minimalist programming: the entire program is only 32k -- and over 14k are graphics, which means the executable portion is very small and efficient. It is used as the test harness for the "Recording" feature of vTask Studio.

    tags: Portable automation exe-compiler macro-recorder task-automation
  • Pulover’s Macro Creator

  • Pulover’s Macro Creator is a Free Automation Tool and Script Generator. It is based on AutoHotkey language and provides users with multiple automation functions, as well as a built-in recorder.

    tags: Portable automated-tasks automation keyboard-shortcuts macro-recorder
  • TextExpander

  • TextExpander saves you countless keystrokes with customized abbreviations for your frequently-used text strings and images.

    tags: abbreviations cloud-sync text-expander text-replace text-substitution
  • Actiona

  • Actiona (formerly known as Actionaz) is a task automation tool. It allows you to create and execute action lists.

    tags: automation macro-recorder
  • AutoKey Py3

  • A Python 3 port of AutoKey, the desktop automation utility for Linux and X11. It allows you to manage collection of scripts, and assign abbreviations and hotkeys to these scripts allowing you to execute them on demand in whatever program you are using.

    tags: automation scripting text-expander
  • Jitbit Macro Recorder

  • Macro Recorder is not only a mouse recorder, keyboard recorder and player. It is also a very powerful automation software and EXE-compiler.

    tags: automate exe-compiler macro-recorder scripting
  • Hammerspoon

  • Staggeringly powerful OS X desktop automation with Lua. Making the runtime, funtime.

    tags: automated-tasks automation hotkeys lua macros
  • Typinator

  • What is Typinator?

    tags: text-replace text-substitution