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Wolfram Alpha alternatives

  • SpeedCrunch

  • SpeedCrunch is a free, fast, high precision open source algebraic calculator with an intuitive interface and a extensive list of features, including: Unlimited Variables, Syntax Highlighting, Functions, with 'Automagic' Completion, 50 Decimal Precision, Input History and more...

    tags: Portable algebraic-calculation calculator live-preview mathematics
  • fxSolver

  • Online math solver, equation library, graphing calculator and science/engineering problem helper.Calculate multiple equations at once, Edit existing formulas and Create new ones, Compute large numbers of values, Plot graphs, Link your results, Solve full problems and Share worksheets with your friends.

    tags: built-in-editor calculator database educational engineering
  • Soulver

  • Maths on a Mac as it should be. Soulver is a new kind of calculator application which uses a simple yet powerful word-processor style interface instead of the traditional "button" approach to doing math.

    tags: calculator mathematics natural-language-processing
  • Gnome calculator

  • Calculator for the GNOME Desktop Environment, formerly known as gcalc (and gcalctool CLI).

    tags: calculator gnome gtk vala
  • Cymath

  • Enter your math problem, and let Cymath solve it for you step-by-step!

    tags: calculator mathematics algebra calculation
  • Symbolab Math Solver

  • Symbolab: equation search and math solver - solves algebra, trigonometry and calculus problems step by step

    tags: algebra calculus calculus-solving computation k12
  • galculator

  • galculator is a GTK 2 / GTK 3 based calculator with ordinary notation/reverse Polish notation (RPN), a formula entry mode, different number bases (DEC, HEX, OCT, BIN) and different units of angular measure (DEG, RAD, GRAD). It supports quad-precision floating point and 112-bit binary arithmetic.

    tags: basic calculator gtk rpn xfce
  • Insect

  • High precision scientific calculator with full support for physical units.

    tags: console-based maths physics scientific-calculator units-converter
  • Omni Calculator

  • Omni Calculator is a startup aiming in solving all (hence "omni" in the name) small math problems you have in your everyday life. All of their calculators offer unparalleled ease of use and functionality. They work in real time and can solve for any variable. You are able to share the result with your friends and co-workers. They can be used on web, mobile or embedded on external websites with a slick, fully functional calculator widget.

    tags: sports statistics calculator mathematics fitness
  • GNU Units

  • The Units program converts quantities expressed in various scales to their equivalents in other scales. The units program can handle multiplicative scale changes as well as nonlinear conversions such as Fahrenheit to Celsius or wire gauge. Units comes with an annotated, extendable database defining over two thousand units.

    tags: calculator units-converter
  • SymPy Gamma

  • SymPy Gamma is a simple web application based on Google App Engine that executes and displays the results of SymPy expressions as well as additional related computations, in a fashion similar to that of Wolfram Alpha. For instance, entering an integer will display prime factors, digits in the base-10 expansion, and a factorization diagram. Entering a function will give its docstring; in general, entering an arbitrary expression will provide the derivative, integral, series expansion, plot, and roots. ยป

    tags: calculator mathematics algebra computation symbolic-math
  • ThinkCalculator

  • Think calculator for Finance, Math, Geometry, Converter, Physic & Chemistry, Webtoolsm Date and time and more

    tags: database statistics calculator mathematics engineering
  • Ruvenss Calculator

  • Calculator with log and printing capabilities.

    tags: calculator printing chrome-app