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Wi-Fi Scanner (LizardSystems) alternatives

  • inSSIDer

  • Let's face it-- there's SOOO much Wi-Fi everywhere these days, the built-in Wi-Fi tools and free utilities that used to help us understand the Wi-Fi environment just can't keep up anymore. Those tools don't help you see how many access points are in the same network, nor how many SSIDs a specific radio is broadcasting.

    tags: network-scanner wi-fi-scanning
  • Wifi Analyzer

  • Wifi Analyzer is a handy tool which helps you to select a better channel for your wireless router. It turns you android phone into a handy Wi-Fi analyzer!

    tags: access-point connection-analysis locate-wifi locate-wifi-hotspot network-utility
  • NetSpot

  • NetSpot is a simple and accessible wireless survey tool, which allows collecting, visualizing and analyzing Wi-Fi data.

    tags: access-point gsm ip-trace network-planning troubleshooting
  • OSToto Hotspot

  • OSToto Hotspot is a piece of totally free WiFi hotspot creator software. It's a super easy utility to turn your laptop, notebook or desktop PC into a portable WiFi hotspot, which allows you to easily share your internet connection (like WiFi, LAN, DSL, Cable, Bluetooth, Mobile Broadband Card, Dial-Up, etc.) with any portable devices, such as a computer, an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone, etc. It's well compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. »

    tags: internet-connection-sharing multi-language wifi-hotspot wifi-hotspot-creator wifi-sharing
  • Homedale

  • With Homedale you can search for Wi-Fi / WLAN Access Points and monitor their signal strength. Use the detected access points with Google Geolocation and Mozilla Location Service to locate yourself.

    tags: network-analyzer network-scanner wi-fi-scanning wifi-analyzer wifi-site-survey
  • WeFi

  • If youre tired of clicking around trying different Wi-Fi connections to find one that works - You want WeFi.

    tags: wireless wi-fi-scanning wifi-networking
  • Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot Portable

  • 100 million installs strong, Swift WiFi is the #1 FREE portable WiFi hotspot app on mobile. Download Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot and enjoy the free WiFi app to let you find & connect to shared WiFi around the world.

    tags: wifi-finder wifi-hotspot wifi-map wifi-sharing
  • WiFi Scanner

  • A 802.11 wireless scanner and connection manager for Mac OS X. WiFi Scanner will detect access points and clients in ad-hoc mode if the SSID is being broadcasted. It can be used for wireless site surveys, wireless discovery, and to connect to WiFi networks. The tool reports signal strength in dBm and shows access point BSSID/MAC addresses. Features

    tags: network-analyzer network-scanner wifi-analyzer wifi-site-survey
  • Virtual WiFi Hotspot

  • Virtual Wifi Hotspot is a free software router for Windows based system running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012.Using Virtual Wifi Hotspot, you can share any internet connection Via Wireless Internet my come from Wifi or LAN or Cable Modem or Dial-up or Cellular, etc.. The internet can be used by any Wifi device such as Laptop or desktop or Smart Phone or iPod Touch or iPhone or Ipad or Android Phone or Zune or Netbook or PS3 or wireless printer, etc.. These Wirelessls connecting devices can connect to Virtual Wifi Hotspot just like any other WiFi Router.Virtual WiFi hotspot is protected by Password and the underlaying security is WPA2 »

    tags: Warning wifi-hotspot virtual-wifi-hotspot virtual-wifi
  • osmino Wi-Fi

  • osmino Wi-Fi - provides you with access to fast and free internet wherever you are. The unique Wi-Fi manager to accomplish automatic connection to free Wi-Fi and to share public or private Wi-Fi hotspots across the world. You turn on the automatic search and connection to open Wi-Fi networks by one tap. Neither any settings nor complicated terms. You can check the nearest open networks on our Wi-Fi hotspot map. Service that provides access to wi-fi hotspots details around the world WITHOUT HAVING TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET. And above all, you can find a wifi point right around you on the streets and in different places with the help of augmented reality.You get an automatic access to available Wi-Fi. Without having to know any parameters and network settings – osmino Wi-Fi will do it for you.You can also share the password to a known Wi-Fi network and make it available to other osmino Wi-Fi users, just select "Share" and agree by filling checkbox.To access the wifi hotspots database whenever and wherever you are without having to connect to the Internet you can download the data to your device and use the augmented reality. Place your phone on the space around you and you will see where, how far away from you is the nearest hotspot, its name, users’ reviews of the connection speed and the location comfort rating.In osmino Wi-Fi you can follow your cellular and wifi traffic, connection statistics and speed test.osmino Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is a great way to improve the quality of communication through Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, ICQ and other instant messenger services and VoIP, 3G when the signal is not strong enough, or if you do not want to incur additional costs for mobile 3G Internet. Use social networks Facebook, VKontakte , Twitter and Instagram with osmino Wi-Fi easier and cheaper, this app will allow you to get an opportunity to significantly increase the speed of the Internet connection of your smartphone or tablet. Video calling, voice, streaming »

    tags: wifi-map
  • WiFiFoFum

  • WiFiFoFum is a great mobile WiFi scanner and wardriving tool that scans for 802.11 wireless (WiFi) networks and displays information about each network it detects, including: SSID, MAC, RSSI (signal strength), channel, AP mode, security mode and available transmission rates.

    tags: wi-fi-scanning wifi-analyzer wardriving
  • WiFi Buddy

  • BETA WiFi Buddy is an easy yet functional Wi-Fi network scanner tool. Its core features are: Automatic scanning for access points, Directly connect to open networks, Easy access to all Wi-Fi settings and Keep Wi-Fi radio active while idle.

    tags: auto-scan
  • WiFi Monster

  • WiFi Monster is a Wi-Fi discovery tool for PocketPC and Windows Mobile. * Connects open or private networks * It shows current WiFi status * It shows a list of nearby networks * It filters and sorts found networks * it allows you to connect selected network manually * It can turn WiFi on and off * It can turn WiFi off by inactivity timeout and by battery treshold * It is finger friendly * It supports VGA, wide screens, landscape mode, and it looks nice after all :)

    tags: wifi-hotspot wlan
  • Dvx WIFI Scan

  • Simple and powerful scanner for detecting any WIFI device around, and reporting the results to a text file saved on the SD card of the Android device.

    tags: scanner scanning detection frequency decibel