vooPlayer empowers you to amaze your viewers, enables you to have more meaningful interactions and improves how you promote your content.

vooPlayer alternatives

  • YouTube

  • YouTube is a video-sharing website, the site allows users to upload, view, and share videos.

    tags: front-end-live-editing hd-support ifttt-integration license-management movies
    platform: Online Android iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Apple TV Fire TV
  • Vimeo

  • Vimeo is the best way to get your videos online in the highest quality with great tools to share publicly or privately.

    tags: ifttt-integration movies streaming video-hosting video-sharing
    platform: Online Android iPhone Windows RT Windows Phone Apple TV Kindle Fire
  • BitChute

  • BitChute is a peer to peer video sharing platform. Its mission is to put people and free speech first. It's free to join and create and upload your...

    tags: bittorrent decentralized free-speech peer-to-peer upload-video
    platform: Online Google Chrome Firefox
  • DreamVids

  • DreamVids - An open source video sharing platform.

    tags: media-platform
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Streamable

  • Streamable is the world's easiest way to create and share video. It's simple, fast, and it's free.

    tags: video-streaming upload-video
    platform: Online
  • i-Flicks

  • Video sharing website with links to the software and source code.

    tags: Discontinued node.js video-sharing
    platform: Windows Linux Self-Hosted Discontinued
  • YouPHPTube

  • YouPHPTube! is an video-sharing website.

    tags: movies share-video streaming upload-video video-hosting
    platform: Linux Android iPhone Self-Hosted Chromecast
  • VidLii

  • Tired of all the issues YouTube has? Are you tired of bots reviewing your videos for offensive content instead of real people? Do you miss the old ...

    tags: built-in-commenting-system channel-colors community-based customizable download-old-versions
    platform: Online Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Google Chrome Safari Opera Firefox
  • Wistia

  • Host, manage, and track your videos with the best video marketing tools in the (known) universe.

    tags: social-media marketing online-video in-video-webforms
    platform: Online
  • Seekmash

  • Search for and watch any video. Seekmash is a meta video search engine delivering videos from multiple sources giving you much better video search ...

    tags: video-search videos
    platform: Online
  • vzaar

  • Looking for a video hosting platform? vzaar's professional video platform enables you to upload and publish video online. Features include player c...

    tags: video-streaming video-hosting video-platform
    platform: Online
  • Cincopa

  • Cincopa is the most complete video hosting platform

    tags: embeddable real-time-analytics video-analytics video-gallery video-hosting
    platform: iPhone Self-Hosted Weebly Drupal Joomla Buddypress Blogger Wordpress
  • Meeovi

  • An all in one entertainment source for thousands of music, videos, movies, tv shows, books, and games. Users can upload, share, view personally cre...

    tags: book-store entertainment-app games-website movies-and-video music-store
    platform: Windows Online Windows Mobile Android Blackberry Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone Blackberry 10 PlayBook Tizen OS Sailfish OS Kindle Fire
  • Fliiby

  • Fliiby is digital content publishing platform that can help you monetize your photography, videos, music, documents and files.

    tags: image-sharing images music-discovery music-search music-streaming
    platform: Online Wordpress
  • Bast

  • Welcome to the simplest way to discover the latest top trending viral videos that the Internet (YouTube) has to offer.Bast, named after the ancient...

    tags: discovery-engine social-media trends videos viral-promotion
    platform: Android Opera