vokul is the first 100% handsfree app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that allows you to DJ music and podcasts, dictate text messages, and ca...

vokul alternatives

  • Google Now

  • Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. Google Now, including Now cards, voice search and commands, is available as an...

    tags: knowledge-engine natural-language-processing personal-assistant smart-utility speech-recognition
    platform: Android Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Siri

  • Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, make calls, set reminders, and more. Just speak naturally. Siri understands what you say.

    tags: knowledge-engine music-identification music-recognition note-taking organizer
    platform: iPhone iPad Apple TV
  • Hound

  • Say It. Get It. Hound is a hands free way to quickly and intuitively get what you want.

    tags: booking calculator calendar dictionary directions
    platform: Android
  • Google Assistant

  • Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google and announced at its developer conference in May 2016. Unlike Google Now, Goog...

    tags: assistance assistant assistive-technology personal personal-assistant
    platform: Android Android Tablet Android Wear
  • Braina

  • Braina Virtual Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant software for Windows PC that allows you to interact with your computer using voice co...

    tags: artificial-brain dictation knowledge-engine personal-assistant speech-recognition
    platform: Windows Android
  • Now Workplace

  • Now Workplace is the new way to work. It’s a personal, digital assistant that proactively sends actionable Cards about relevant changes and upcomin...

    tags: enterprise-resource-planning enterprise-search enterprise-software html5-based natural-language-processing
    platform: Windows Self-Hosted Mobility Portal Server
  • Dragon Go!

  • With Dragon Go! you can do more in less time like buy movie tickets as you walk into the theater, go shopping at local boutiques while you wait for...

    tags: knowledge-engine personal-assistant smart-utility voice-applications voice-recognition
    platform: Android iPhone
  • MindMeld

  • Intelligent Voice Interface powered by AI technologies and Natural Language Processing

    tags: api artificial-intelligence assistant content-discovery context-menu-manager
    platform: Online
  • Evi

  • Evi is a new digital assistant who is here to help with your everyday needs. Need to know where the nearest place to buy milk? She can help. Going ...

    tags: artificial-intelligence knowledge-base questions-and-answers semantic
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • Lucida

  • Sirius is an open-source end-to-end standalone intelligent personal assistant (IPA) service. Sirius receives queries in the form of speech or image...

    tags: ipa siri googlevoice cortana
    platform: Linux
  • Blather

  • Blather is a speech recognizer that will run commands when a user speaks preset sentences.

    tags: speech-recognition voice-recognition
    platform: Linux
  • Sherpa

  • Tell your cell phone what you want to do and Tadaa! It is done. Ask about whatever you want, music, flights, sending messages, using social network...

    tags: personal-assistant siri voice-control
    platform: Android
  • Dragonfire

  • Dragonfire is an open source virtual assistant for Linux operating systems especially for Ubuntu based distributions. Dragonfire will be preinstall...

    tags: chat-bot natural-language-processing question-and-answer speech-recognition speech-to-text
    platform: Linux
  • Hey Athena

  • In the near future, voice-controlled assistance will be ubiquitous. Cars, homes, subway stations, etc. will all have some type of ambient microphon...

    tags: customizable python voice-assistant
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Dictate

  • Welcome to the New World of Vocal Recognition, this app will show you the way of communicating when you're on the go and will help you with your da...

    tags: knowledge-engine personal-assistant siri smart-utility speech-recognition
    platform: Symbian S60