vanBasco's Karaoke Player!

* piano view #piano: displays notes on a big piano keyboard * integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer (optional * easy-to-use graphical user-interface with support for skins and multiple languages * complete install & uninstall support makes setup of software straightforward _System Requirements:_ Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP Download ?product 1 this FREE product NOW! Not convinced yet? Find out more or check out our awards page .

vanBasco's Karaoke Player alternatives

  • KaraFun

  • Turn your PC into an interactive karaoke machine with the KaraFun free karaoke software for Windows. More than just a karaoke player, KaraFun offers a complete solution for playing and creating karaoke at home.

    tags: midi karaoke karaoke-player kar
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • iSing

  • iSing is a totally free Karaoke social App. Include more than 100,000 songs all over the world! We now support English, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Japanese.

    tags: karaoke karaoke-player karaoke-recorder
    platform: Android Android Tablet
  • Kanto Karaoke Player for Mac

  • Kanto Karaoke Player for Mac is the best Karaoke solution for Mac users. It allows you to play all karaoke files (mp3, cdg, kfn, mid, kar, video karaoke) on your Macbook, iMac, MacBook Pro, etc… You can also record your voice over the song and convert midi to mp3. It is the first Karaoke Player, Recorder and Converter for Mac: all in one.

    tags: karaoke karaoke-player karaoke-recorder karafun karaoke-5
    platform: Mac OS X
  • PyKaraoke

  • PyKaraoke is a free karaoke player for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows, OSX and GP2X.

    tags: python-app karaoke karaoke-player kar cdg
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD
  • Kanto Karaoke

  • Kanto Karaoke is a smart and reliable tool karaoke player and karaoke recorder for Windows. With Kanto Karaoke you can play any type of karaoke file: .kar, .mid, .mp3, .mp3+cdg, video karaoke (.avi, .mpeg, .wmv), etc... Just click "Quick Open File", select your song and start to sing! Easy management of your playlists and "Live Performance" module to schedule the songs to play. Thanks to crossfade effect, you can switch from one song to the next in a smooth mode and without sharp breaks »

    tags: karaoke karoke-player karaoke-recorder karafun kanto-karaoke
    platform: Windows
  • Karaoke Player

  • Makes your Windows Phone a full featured portable karaoke machine. You can start to sing in a few seconds. You can choose from several hundreds of free songs from online library or you can use your own songs from your SkyDrive. You can also download songs to the phone for offline use. Karaoke player supports not only CDG (CDG+MP3), but also a KAR format based on MIDI. Also a generic MIDI files are supported.

    tags: midi karaoke skydrive microphone kar
    platform: Windows Phone
  • Karaoke Now!

  • Karaoke Now! is the a Karaoke Player for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android Over 40,000 songs to choose from, review the online catalogue from the phone or from our website. Purchase songs from the built-in store. One FREE Song Credit on activation of the first credit pack.

    tags: karaoke sing mp3+g
    platform: Android iPhone
  • MidiCo Karaoke

  • Karaoke software for macOS. MidiCo karaoke for Mac allows you to host and manage a professional karaoke show supporting all standard karaoke file types.

    tags: karaoke midi-player midi2mp3 midi-to-mp3 cdg
    platform: Mac OS X
  • OpenKJ

  • Open source karaoke hosting software designed to be used by professional karaoke hosts. Supports CDG and common video files. Features regular singer tracking, web based song submissions, automated performance recording, integrated break music player that automatically fades in and out when karaoke songs start and stop, end of karaoke track silence detection, a ticker on the CDG display output, and more.

    tags: cdg karaoke karaoke-player
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • cante!

  • Brazilian karaoke program which opens the most used karaoke files like MIDI, KAR, MK1.

    tags: Portable midi karaoke karaoke-player kar
    platform: Windows
  • Karaoke 5

  • Karaoke 5 is a K5, MIDI, KAR, KFN, MP3, WMA, MP3+CDG, WMA+CDG, CD+G, VS (Virtual Score) and VIDEO ( MP4, FLV,...) files reader and was developed with the aim to provide a Karaoke player program that would be versatile and intuitive and yet offer professional features not available in other freeware programs. Karaoke5 is, therefore, a complete program for either neophytes or for those who practice the art of karaoke professionally.

    tags: mp3 midi karaoke karaoke-player kar
    platform: Windows
  • KaraokeMedia

  • It has been many years since the birth of karaoke, but singing great success with a microphone and a musical foundation is still very fun.

    tags: facebook-integration karaoke karaoke-player twitter-integration
    platform: Windows
  • Online Karaoke Pro

  • Online Karaoke Pro an all English songs internet base karaoke is made to change the way of our traditional karaoke.

    tags: web-based karaoke-player
    platform: Online iPhone
  • PCDJ Karaoki

  • PCDJ KARAOKI is karaoke show hosting software designed for professional KJs. Karaoki includes an on-deck singer list with singer history, key control, news ticker, a library printer, a jukebox background music player, and many other features designed so you can host karaoke shows faster and easier than ever before. The software supports MP3+G, WAV+G, most zipped MP3+G/WAV+G formats and various video files. With PCDJ Karaoki all your digital karaoke files are stored on your hard drive, so you can search, load and play any of your karaoke tunes instantly. Karaoki includes two karaoke music download stores built right in; and now the world’s first and only professional in-app karaoke music subscription – the Karaoke Cloud Pro! PCDJ KARAOKI is a high performance professional Karaoke product that is ideal for the working DJ/KJ to the Karaoke enthusiast. Enhance your karaoke show with this simple yet powerful player that sets the standard in karaoke show performance! »

    tags: karaoke-player built-in-music-store
    platform: Windows