vReveal alternatives

  • VideoPad

  • VideoPad is a professional video editing application which allows you to create movie projects from various video clips or a single video file. It also allows you to import a wide variety of audio and video file formats including .avi, .wmv, .3gp, .wmv, .divx and many others.

    tags: 360-video avi chroma-key create-amv edit-videos
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android Android Tablet iPad Kindle Fire
  • Videorama

  • Videorama lets you make amazing movies out of your photos and videos. You will feel like a pro in minutes!

    tags: video-editing movie-maker video-effects
    platform: iPhone iPad
  • Mercalli ProDAD

  • Mercalli is a program that lets you stabilise shaky footage during post processing. Mercalli detects and distinguishes between intended movements, such as panning or zoom shots, and unintended shocks and shakes.

    tags: video-editing non-linear-editor stabilization stabilizer shaky
    platform: Windows
  • Video Enhancer

  • Upsize SD video to HD with Video Enhancer - a tool implementing super-resolution method for upsizing video. More than a hundred of filters for video processing: denoising, deblocking, subtitler, color correction etc.

    tags: enhancing filters increase-video-resolution multi-language optimize-video
    platform: Windows
  • Dynapel SteadyHand

  • SteadyHand video stabilizer is a God-send for anyone who shoots hand-held video.

    tags: Discontinued video-stabilization camera-shakiness shaky
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • Deshaker

  • Deshaker is a video stabilizer for VirtualDub . It eliminates camera shakiness and makes panning, rotation and zooming smoother.

    tags: video-stabilization camera-shakiness stabilizer virtualdub-plugin
    platform: Windows VirtualDub
  • Lock&Load

  • Lock & Load is the fastest and most robust stabilizer for FCP X, FCP 7, Premiere Pro and After Effects (Mac Only).

    tags: vfx visual-effects video-stabilization
    platform: Mac OS X Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Pro
  • MAGIX Fastcut

  • MAGIX Fastcut turns your experiences into adventure videos in the blink of an eye. Directly import your own videos, e.g. via USB cable from your GoPro or other action cam. The automatic image stabilization feature, distortion correction and special editing presets allow you to make your own amazing action films in no time without any previous experience – you can even automatically edit your videos to match the beat of the music, if you want.

    tags: video-editing automatic video-stabilization
    platform: Windows
  • SuperEasy Video Booster

  • The SuperEasy Video Booster improves the quality of videos with just one click and allows video editing without previous knowledge.

    tags: adjust-video batch-conversion optimize-video video-editing video-repair
    platform: Windows
  • Videomizer

  • Videomizer uses several technical processes in order to stabilize digital video recordings.

    tags: video-conversion video-stabilization optimize-video deblur
    platform: Windows