Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness, LLC _“vCita is easy to use, client-centric and it looks great on mobile which makes ShopKeep look good. And, vCita goes the extra mile to ensure the software is easy, comfortable and right the first time. It’s been key to our success in sales.”_ **Brandon Bernard Jones** Sales Operations at ShopKeep

vCita alternatives


  • helps planning meetings vacations and other appointments between a group of people.

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  • Scheduling Wiz

  • Online appointments scheduling software and customer database in one bottle. Manage your employees, remind customers about appointments via SMS and enable online bookings through your site.

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  • VideoVisit

  • VideoVisit portal technology revolutionizes the way face to face meetings are conducted and delivered in the 21st century.

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  • CozyCal

  • CozyCal is a simple scheduling page for freelancers. After hooking into your Google Calendar, it provides you with a beautiful mobile-compatible scheduling page. Designed to save time and help freelancers get paid.

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  • TimeBridge

  • TimeBridge is a web application that makes it incredibly easy to schedule and lead great meetings—and follow up after you meet. Think of us as your calendar-wrangling, agenda-making, note-taking, team-motivating, secret weapon in the battle against workplace inefficiency.

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  • is a hosted online scheduling software that allows business owners, receptionists and staff to collaboratively manage schedules, client appointments and room availability. Clients can conveniently book appointments, classes and packages online in real-time, with email notifications and reminders sent automatically to both clients and staff. also features integrations with newsletter applications as well as reporting on client history and staff performance.

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  • Appointment-Plus

  • Appointment-Plus provides online appointment scheduling software for all businesses. Clients use the reservation software system for easy web-based scheduling. The leader in online scheduling gives businesses the ability to make appointments online. The Arizona appointment schedule software company has been building online scheduling software since 2001 and its online booking software system has been used by small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Appointment-Plus is the most flexible online scheduler available and clients can maximize revenues by increasing appointment scheduling and reducing no-shows and cancellations. Appointment-Plus can also be used as an internal web-based scheduling program. Unlimited users can access the online scheduler system at the same time. Regardless of how you are using the schedule maker, it securely accesses your data much easier than using a network or using a PC-based appointment software system. »

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  • UpiCRM

  • UpiCRM can interface and extend the most popular WordPress contact forms plugins, and provide a complete CRM solution.

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  • WP-CRM

  • WP-CRM is a full-featured, customer relations management system seamlessly integrated into your WordPress site. Your customer and prospect information is stored in the WordPress user database, giving you the ability of utilizing the vast pool of WordPress plugins to collect and analyze user information. Create your own forms with custom data fields of your choice. Apart form sending messages, these forms will collect all kinds of custom data which can be filtered for easy contact analysis. These forms can create users with the user role you want to assign! »

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