URL Droplet!

URL Droplet alternatives

  • Ballloon

  • Ballloon helps you save web files to Dropbox and Google Drive without downloading steps. Just right click the file and fly it (shown left). You can save ANY type of files you meet and you can change the destination folder as you wish. What's more, you can stop any flying files and you can check the recent flyings if you want. "One more thing", buy yourself a better mouse.

    tags: Discontinued download-to-dropbox download-to-google-drive google-drive-integration
  • BoxMyDownloads

  • Download any URL from the web directly to your Dropbox!

    tags: download-manager download-to-dropbox dropbox-integration upload-to-dropbox upload-to-google-drive
  • sharific.co

  • Stay anonymous and secureSharific.co securely downloads torrents into your private space with encryption in the cloud.Files get streamed back to you via secure connections (https).Your files are encrypted and stored safely in the cloud.No torrent client is needed anymore, download and manage your torrents through Sharific.coUse Sharific.co on any device you have, no matter what browser or OS.

    tags: torrent-download filehosting
  • Send To DropBox

  • Email files to your Dropbox using our application. We have great features like unzipping and automatic organizing.After a few minutes the files will automatically appear in your "Attachments" folder. We have some great features too, like automatic archive unzipping, folder organization, and plain text and html message copying.GMail cannot store E-Mails as a text-file. With this app you can store E-Mails as a file, even if you use Gmail.

    tags: mail-export mail-storage