Unicorn Smasher!

* Download * AMZ Tracker http://www.amztracker.com
AMZ Tracker * Help Center http://help.unicornsmasher.com
Unicorn Smasher Help Center http://www.unicornsmasher.com
* Download * AMZ Tracker http://www.amztracker.com
AMZ Tracker * Help Center http://help.unicornsmasher.com
Unicorn Smasher Help Center **A FREE tool to supercharge your Amazon product research**

Unicorn Smasher alternatives

  • AMZScout

  • Amazon and FBA product research made easy. Extract rank, sales volume, estimated revenue and more without entering the product page.

    tags: amazon extensions
  • AZ Gizmo

  • AZ Gizmo is your destination for powerful utilities for Amazon sellers

    tags: amazon amazon-apps amazon-chrome-extension amazon-fba-seller amazon-integration
  • Assortify

  • Assortify allows you to quickly find products that are in high demand with the highest possible profitability and competitively price them. We allow you to filter down the thousands of possibilities when adding new products to the best opportunities using real-time competitive data. Assortify is made for e-commerce, retailers, and marketplace sellers to save time doing product research and allows you to focus on adding the best opportunities to your product assortment. Brands and manufacturers can also use it to do MAP monitoring and do research on new products. »

    tags: e-commerce amazon ebay competitors-research competitive-intelligence
  • FBA Calculator

  • Get real FBA Fees in one click!

    tags: calculator amazon
  • AiHello Analytics for Amazon

  • Information about online ecommerce including Amazon. Get FBA estimates, estimated sales, predictions etcResearch full statistics on your competitors’ sales on Amazon!

    tags: amazon analytics competitive-analysis ecommerce-software machine-learning
  • Asinhunt

  • AsinHunt is a web based product research tool that helps Amazon Sellers find the products that can generate more profits.

    tags: amazon amazon-fba amazon-fba-seller amazon-price-history amazon-sellers
  • Jungle Scout

  • Jungle Scout's Extension will help you make decisions based on actual data, not intuition. With the click of a button, see a product's estimated monthly sales, Best Seller Rank, revenue, or other criteria that is critical in identifying profitable opportunities. Filter, organize, and export to CSV to aggregate and organize key data points to accelerate and inform your Amazon product research.

    tags: amazon amazon-integration e-commerce product-research
  • AMZPing

  • AMZPing helps Amazon Sellers track their daily sales and inventory. It also watches for new sellers that join your listings.You will find fun & useful dashboard widgets, like 'Record Units Sold in 1 Day' or 'Predicted Profit in the next 30 Days'. ... and, AMZPing sounds a Ka-Ching on every new sale!

    tags: amazon amazon-apps amazon-integration amazon-s3 amazon-stats
  • Sellics

  • Find the Most Profitable Products for Your Private Label Business with Just a Few Clicks.

    tags: amazon e-commerce sales-tracking
  • Sellcaster

  • 1 click solution to monitor competitor inventory & sales, calculate FBA fees & profit. 100M+ asins on 11 Amazon websites. No access needed to your Sellercentral account

    tags: amazon amazon-fba amazon-price-history amazon-sellers ecommere