Ulterius alternatives

  • Webmin

  • Webmin is a web-based system configuration tool for Unix-like systems, although recent versions can also be installed and run on Windows. With it, it is possible to configure operating system internals, such as users, disk quotas, services or configuration files, as well as modify and control open source apps, such as the Apache HTTP Server, PHP or MySQL.

    tags: configuration control-panel extensible hardware-control network-administration
  • VNC Connect

  • VNC is remote access and control software which allows you to view and fully interact with one computer desktop (the "VNC Connect") using a simple program (the "VNC viewer") on another computer desktop or mobile device anywhere on the Internet. The two computers don't even have to be the same type, so for example you can use VNC to view a Windows desktop at the office on a Linux or Mac computer at home.

    tags: remote-desktop-access ssh
  • TigerVNC

  • TigerVNC is an advanced VNC implementation. It is based on the fourth generation of VNC. TigerVNC also includes features from the TightVNC and TurboVNC projects. This includes accelerated JPEG compression. TigerVNC supports the latest X.Org X server.

    tags: development vnc vnc-client vnc-server
  • Terminals

  • Terminals is a secure, multi tab terminal services/remote desktop client. It uses Terminal Services ActiveX Client (mstscax.dll).The project started from the need of controlling multiple connections simultaneously. It is a complete replacement for the mstsc.exe (Terminal Services) client, used by Remote Desktop Connection .

    tags: ping-tool port-scanner rdp remote-desktop-access ssh
  • InstaTech Client

  • (The InstaTech Client doesn't require you to set up a server. You can download and use it as is, which will utilize the instatech.org server. Setting up a server is only necessary for businesses wanting to use the live chat support feature.)

    tags: remote-control remote-desktop-access screen-sharing tech-support
  • Goverlan Reach Enterprise IT Support

  • Goverlan enables you to seamlessly support all your users, no matter where they are, and without the need for a VPN.With Goverlan you have:* Secure access to your users’ machines whether they are at work, at home or anywhere* Enterprise-class Remote Control* Active Directory administration and Password management* Behind-the-scenes systems’ reporting and management* Software and patch distribution* IT workflow automation* Compliance and security management* Centralized auditing of operator actions »

    tags: active-directory automation compliance computer-monitoring file-sharing
  • CT-Assist

  • CT-Assist downloads are available at https://ctonlineassist.com/downloads/ . Make sure to visit the User Portal and setup an account first. You will need this when setting up your computers for remote access. For security we recommend enabling 2 factor authentication by clicking your account name at the top right of the portal, after logging in. If you notice any bugs please let us know by creating a topic on our user forums. Enjoy.

    tags: bypass-firewall cloud-management file-transfer multi-session remote-computer-control
  • CloudBerry Remote Assistant

  • CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a Windows software for remote control and desktop sharing. The solution is designed to quickly and securely access and control a remote desktop or server computer over the Internet.

    tags: desktop-sharing encrypted-connection remote-connection remote-desktop-access voice-chat
  • RDP Remote

  • RDPRemote is a tool that allows to connect to any Windows computer, from anywhere using RDP or VNC protocols. RDPRemote uses Windows Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) or a standard VNC client/server application such as TightVNC/UltraVNC.RDPRemote is based on two applications. RDPRemote Server and RDPRemote Client and both are standalone applications and no configuration is needed.The Server and Client transparent connects to the RDPRemote Gateway using direct connections or using http proxy's. Because there are only outbound connections, isn't required to open inbound Firewall ports or create port forwarding. The RDPRemote Gateway acts like a proxy, between the client and server. All data (RDP/VNC) is passed through the Gateway meaning that the Client and Server can both be behind a NAT firewall/router. »

    tags: Portable rdp rdpremote remote-control remote-desktop-access
  • seecreen

  • Seecreen, a word play of See Screen, is a remote desktop control and sharing application written in Java. It is multi platform (Windows/MacOS/Linux) and can work behind NAT and Firewall with zero configuration.

    tags: remote-desktop-access