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  • Volafile

  • offers real time filesharing and fast downloads without delays or annoying countdowns. Users can share files in rooms, each with a chat and a filelist.

    tags: chat-clients chat-rooms file-hosting file-sharing file-storage

  • is a clever, instant file-sharing webapp that makes sharing files simple and fast. No need to wait for files to upload! You are given a link for your files as soon as you select them. doesn't use Flash, Java applets, or any other plug-ins.

    tags: file-hosting gmail-integration share-files temporary-file-hosting twitter-integration
  • FileTea

  • Anonymous, volatile file sharing.

    tags: anonymity file-send file-sharing html5-based peer-to-peer
  • ExpireBox

  • ExpireBox is a free temporary file hosting powered by FileNurse, this means that the service is intended only as temporary storage space for sending large attachments to family, friends or colleagues.The storage time before auto-deletion is 48 hours, at the end of the 2 days, the file will no longer be accessible in any way.The files are protected and available only to those who own the generated link.On ExpireBox you can not search files, the service provides a private exchange between those who loads the file and those who receive the download link.You can protect your download link with a secure Password. »

    tags: file-hosting temporary-file-hosting
  • Catbox

  • Unlimited weaboo file hosting

    tags: file-sharing file-upload url-shortening
  • Temp Share

  • TEMP SHARE, is a web application to send, receive and store files for a limited period of time (3 days to 2 weeks.). After that time files will deleted automatically from the servers. Anyone can send files up to 20 recipients at same time and (optionally) with download notification. A message can be sent together with the files to explain or describe the content of the transfer. Also, it is possible to set a download-password if your files are personal or very important. For now, upload size is limited to 10GB but users can upload as many times you want. »

    tags: file-hosting file-sharing file-storage file-upload temp-files

  • Simple File Hosting Site for everyone to use and more privacy oriented.Providing Zero Knowledge pasting now at "" also.

    tags: backup-and-sync file-hosting file-sharing file-upload online-service

  • Simple file uploading service.

    tags: anime file-sharing file-upload
  • FileNurse

  • FileNurse is a free service, which allow you to upload your files easily and share them with your friends.

    tags: file-hosting file-sharing file-upload share-files temporary-file-hosting

  • We don't track you. Private file hosting. Privacy matters. Anonymous file upload.Anonymous and free (limited) file upload.

    tags: file-hosting file-sharing file-storage file-upload file-uploading

  • Share files quickly and easily with

    tags: file-sharing file-hosting temporary limited-time 10-minute