# Releases * **Stable: 2.4.0**
eleased on 2017-01-31 * **Preview: 2.3.8**
eleased on 2017-01-15 Here you find the TortoiseGit installer and language packs.

TortoiseGit alternatives

  • SourceTree

  • A powerful Mac and Windows client for Mercurial and Git distributed version control systems.

    tags: bitbucket-integration dark-theme distributed-version-control git git-client
  • GitKraken

  • The intuitive, fast, and beautiful cross-platform Git client.

    tags: bitbucket-integration dark-theme developer-tools development distributed-version-control
  • SmartGit

  • SmartGit is a front-end for the distributed version control system Git and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. SmartGit is intended for developers who prefer a graphical user interface over a command line client, to be even more productive with Git — the most powerful DVCS today.

    tags: built-in-conflict-solver distributed-version-control file-compare git git-client
  • GitHub Desktop

  • Simple collaboration from your desktop

    tags: developer-tools development git git-client github
  • Git Extensions

  • Git Extensions is the only graphical user interface for Git that allows you control Git without using the command line.

    tags: development git github-integration plugin-api scm
  • git-cola

  • git-cola is a powerful GUI for git, a distributed revision control system.cola's ingredients include git-python and jsonpickle. cola is released under the GNU GPL v2.

    tags: developer-tools development git git-client python
  • gitg

  • gitg is a git repository viewer targeting gtk+/GNOME. One of its main objectives is to provide a more unified user experience for git frontends across multiple desktops. It does this not be writing a cross-platform application, but by close collaboration with similar clients for other operating systems (like GitX for OS X).

    tags: git git-client lightweight version-control-system
  • RabbitVCS

  • RabbitVCS is a set of graphical tools written to provide simple and straightforward access to the version control systems you use. Currently, it is integrated into the Nautilus and Thunar file managers, the Gedit text editor, and supports Subversion and Git, with a goal to incorporate other version control systems as well as other file managers.

    tags: git shell-integration svn version-control-system
  • Gitweb

  • Gitweb is a Git web interface. It is written in Perl and can be used as a CGI script, or as a mod_perl legacy script (run by ModPerl::Registry handler). It allows browsing a git repository (or a set of git repositories) using a web browser.Using gitweb you can browse directory trees at arbitrary revisions, view contents of files (blobs), see log or shortlog of a given branch, examine commits, commit messages and changes made by a given commit. Gitweb can generate feeds in RSS or Atom format. You can get any given version of a file; if not disabled you can download a snapshot of a given version of a project (project tree at given revision). You can search (if it is not disabled) for commits by an author, added to repository by a comitter, commit with commit message (commit description) which includes some text. »

    tags: git git-gui git-hosting webui
  • git-gui

  • Is a tool for creating commits and managing branches. It was inspired by and initially based on gitool. Written in Tcl/Tk. Stable versions are shipped with Core Git since version 1.5.

    tags: git git-client preinstalled version-control-system
  • GitEye

  • This free desktop app combines a simple-to-use graphical Git client with central visibility into essential developer tasks such as defect tracking, agile planning, code reviews and build services.

    tags: distributed-version-control git git-gui scm version-control-system
  • GitUp

  • GitUp is a bet to invent a new Git interaction model that lets engineers of all levels work quickly, safely, and without headaches. It's unlike any other Git client out there from the way it’s built (it interacts directly with the Git database on disk), to the way it works (you manipulate the repository graph instead of manipulating commits).

    tags: git git-client git-gui
  • git-webui

  • A standalone local web based user interface for git repositories

    tags: developer-tools development git git-client git-gui