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TogetherTube alternatives

  • Watch2Gether

  • Watch2Gether lets groups of users watch videos in-sync together. At the same time users can communicate through a build-in chat-room and use web cam and audio chat. Available media sources are Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Soundcloud. Watch2Gether is a free service and can be used for broad spectrum of applications like socializing with friends, special interest communities (music, manga, games, ...) as well as for educational purposes.

    tags: chat-rooms dailymotion integrated-chat no-registration social-collaboration
  • CyTube

  • CyTube is a web application providing media synchronization, chat, and more for an arbitrary number of channels. The serverside is written in JavaScript and runs on Node.JS. It makes use of a MySQL database to store user registrations, cached media metadata, and data about each channel. The clientside is written in JavaScript and makes use of Socket.IO and jQuery as well as the APIs for various media providers. The web interface uses Bootstrap for layout and styling.

    tags: integrated-chat video-synchronization watch-together watch-videos-together

  • Watch synchronized videos from Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo with your friends up to 20. Everyone views the same video at the exact same time and can control it.With the Pro version use advanced professional features to go deeper into the social experience with no limits. Watch videos with your LinkedIn connections, chat through VoIP, connect your personal channels, upload videos up to 5GB, keep the history of your invitations...

    tags: chat-rooms integrated-chat mobile-friendly no-registration online-service
  • &chill

  • A website where you can watch YouTube and Twitch videos together, with anyone. It’s like a virtual cinema. It was inspired by an old cinema used in Garry's Mod.

    tags: chat-rooms integrated-chat no-registration synchtube

  • Jukebox is a social media player that lets you create a collaborative music room in seconds. Share songs across limitless people, devices and speakers, whether they're in the same room or halfway across the world.

    tags: music-discovery music-player music-streaming music-with-friends share-music
  • ShareTube

  • Watch YouTube collaboratively with others online, synced to the second! Create your own room and join a room and invite others.

    tags: integrated-chat no-registration video-synchronization watch-videos-together youtube
  • 6IRCNet Synchtube

  • is a SynchTube hosting.

    tags: share-music share-video synchtube watch-videos-together youtube
  • Sync Video

  • Ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you?Well, now you can!

    tags: chat-rooms chrome-extension firefox-extension integrated-chat synchtube
  • Lisn

  • The best music comes from personal recommendations. Don't just send links to your favorite songs — Play them for friends live! Lisn lets you play your favorite tracks for your friends in real time while chatting. It's a fun way to exchange music and experience it together.

    tags: chat-clients messaging music-discovery music-streaming playlists

  • Juicebox lets you watch YouTube online with other people, with a special focus on music. Join in on the chat and discover new music.

    tags: create-playlist listen-to-music music-streaming real-time-collaboration synchtube
  • BlaTube

  • Blatube lets groups of users watch videos in-sync together. At the same time users can watching video and communicate use video, voice and text chat. Available video from: Youtube, VK, Rutube, Twitch, Pornhub, cloud storage and direct link.

    tags: audio-chat integrated-chat video-chat video-streaming watch-videos-together
  • Cabana

  • Cabana is a free app from the Tumblr crew that lets you hang out and watch YouTube videos with up to 5 friends.

    tags: social-network watch-videos-together youtube-videos

  • lets you easily watch YouTube video with friends. leave comments and record reactions.

    tags: video-streaming video-with-friends watch-videos-together