Tilt alternatives

  • Kickstarter

  • Kickstarter is an online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects. Kickstarter has funded a diverse array of endeavors,Ranging from indie film and music to journalism and food-related projects.

    tags: crowdfunding funding fundraiser fundraising online-service
  • IndieGoGo

  • IndieGoGo is the world's largest global funding platform. Founded on the principles of opportunity, transparency, and action, anyone with an idea โ€“ creative, cause-related, or entrepreneurial โ€“ can create a campaign, offer perks, and fund their passion.

    tags: movies crowdfunding fundraising funding pledge
  • Charitable

  • Charitable is a fundraising plugin that helps non-profits build awareness, empower ambassadors, and raise more money โ€“ all with their own website.

    tags: wordpress-plugin wordpress crowdfunding fundraising crowdsourced
  • SelfStarter

  • Selfstarter makes it easy to roll your own crowdfunding site. To get started, fork this repository and change around config/settings.yml to suit your needs.

    tags: crowdfunding javascript ruby
  • Crowd Supply

  • We started Crowd Supply based on a single guiding principle: to be the product development platform we'd want to use for our own projects. As engineers and designers, we know the challenges of going from idea to reality, and all the important details in between. We built Crowd Supply from the ground up to handle as many of those details as possible so you can focus on your vision.

    tags: crowdfunding crowdfunding-platform
  • WeTravel

  • WeTravel (wetravel.com) is the payment platform for travel companies. We allow you to easily create beautiful payment pages for travel offerings and group trips which can immediately be booked by your clients:

    tags: payment-gateway-integration payment-system payments tour-operator travel-planner
  • Donor Tools

  • Nonprofit donor database to help charities, churches, and growing organizations make smart decisions and raise more money.

    tags: donation non-profit donations online-donations donate-widget
  • Thrinacia

  • Thrinacia offers a next generation crowdfunding engine with emphasis on powerful features and customizable Web UI, to those who wish to operate crowdfunding portals, run crowdfunding campaigns or integrate with Thrinacia's core crowdfunding API.

    tags: crowdfunding crowdfunding-engine crowdfunding-platform funding-platform fundraising
  • HitHit

  • Five steps to list a project at Hithit

    tags: online-service crowdfunding fundraising funding-platform crowdfunding-platform
  • Go Get Funding

  • Go Get Funding lets yous raise funds for everyday, to life-changing plans & projects.

    tags: fundraising funding raise-money raise-funds
  • Ignition Deck

  • Self-hosted Kickstarter alternative for those looking to use crowdfunding on their own WordPress blog.

    tags: widget wordpress crowdfunding raise-money kickstarter
  • End Crowd

  • ENDcrowd.com creates a sustainable ecosystem for change by providing a place where nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, for-profits and individuals can come together to innovate and participate. Crowdfunding enables visionary people with excellent ideas to raise money for their projects by collecting funds from backers through a web-based system. ENDcrowd focuses specifically on empowering organizations and individuals to fund campaigns that create tangible results in the fight to end human slavery. Here at ENDcrowd, people come together to engage with each other, raise awareness, and effect real change in the world. ยป

    tags: anti-human-trafficking crowdfunding non-profit
  • DonorBox

  • Donorbox is a powerful donation plugin that is super simple to setup and attracts more recurring donors. Start fundraising with a fast, optimized donation payment system in 15 mins.

    tags: charity-fundraisers customizable donation donations funding
  • MoneyMe

  • With MoneyMe you can control your daily costs using your Android mobile and your PC. You can insert quickly and easily your expenses and start making stadistics.You can create budgets, organize your debts and administrate all of your coupons with a simple interface that it can help you a lot.

    tags: Discontinued Portable control-costs cost-control expense-management
  • CauseWish

  • Medical crowdfunding website.

    tags: crowdfunding medical fundraising medical-help