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], Search : } Tiamat The Tile Mapper Tiamat is an on-line Tile Mapper ideal for crafting maps for Role Pl

Tiamat alternatives

  • AutoREALM

  • AutoREALM is a Free GNU mapping software (a "cartographer") that can design maps of castles, cities, dungeons and more. AutoREALM is generally used by Role-playing Game practicants who enjoy doing their own maps. But it could fits the needs of other people. If you are a Role-Playing gamer or else, you are cordially invited to join the AutoREALM community: fellows gathered around a free hobbyist map tool. Originally made by Andrew Gryc (say "grits"), AutoREALM is now Open Source, creating a unique opportunity for the RPG world to mix graphics and computer programming. »

    tags: game-development game-mapping role-playing-game vector-drawing
  • Campaign Cartographer

  • Campaign Cartographer is the leading map making software for games (RPGs, miniatures and wargaming). Campaign Cartographer gives you fingertip control of both the big picture and the small details. Want a large scale map of your adventuring world? A detailed dungeon floorplan? An historical battlefield littered with burnt-out tanks? CC3 can deliver all of this and lots, lots more.

    tags: game-development game-mapping map-editor role-playing-game
  • Fractal Mapper

  • With Fractal Mapper, creating worlds has never been so easy! Fractal Mapper is a high-powered mapping system that lets gamers create a wide variety of of maps - dungeons, continents, cities, and more! With it's easy to use interface, powerful features, and unique capabilities, making high quality maps with Fractal Mapper is a breeze!

    tags: dungeons game-development game-mapping role-playing-game
  • Mipui

  • Mipui is an online, grid-based map editor, with focus on simplicity and collaboration - all edits appear in real-time to other viewers.

    tags: dungeon-mapper map-editor mapping virtual-tabletop
  • PyMapper

  • Drag and drop tile based mapping program. Multiple layers, create and import your own tilesets, scale for printing and many more features.

    tags: cartography dungeons-and-dragons game-development games mapping
  • Dungeon Tile Mapper

  • From Wizards of the West Coast, the Dungeon Tiles Mapper lets you create tiled dungeon maps online for free through your browser using a simple grid-based editor. Just select your tiles and drag them where you want them.

    tags: 2-dimensional dnd dragons dungeon-mapper dungeons
  • Dundjinni

  • Dundjinni is a full-featured fantasy map creation program. It allows users to create walls and floors, place objects, insert text, and more. It boasts an intuitive interface and an impressive selection of objects and textures (over 190 images). It also allows you to author d20 adventures in a simple yet elegant way.

    tags: Discontinued game-development game-mapping map-editor role-playing-game
  • Inkarnate

  • Inkarnate is a map-editing application with focus on sculpting continents and other landmasses.

    tags: map-editor mapper
  • ANAmap

  • For the last 20 years, I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs with friends on a very regular basis. I’ve spent a huge amount of time writing scenarii and missions. I did it with traditional pen & papers at first, and with Google Docs afterwards.

    tags: dungeon-mapper map-editor mapping
  • Dungeon Painter

  • Dungeon Painter is a free powerful encounter map design tool.

    tags: dungeon-mapper map-editor mapper
  • Dungeon Sketch

  • Dungeon Sketch is a lo-fi tactical combat map for tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons. This is meant to replace the whiteboard or graph paper that sits in the middle of a gaming table.

    tags: dungeon-mapper map-editor mapping
  • Gridmapper

  • A little Javascript/SVG application to create dungeon maps for role-playing games.

    tags: dungeon-mapper map-editor mapper
  • Ye Olde Map Maker

  • Throw away that graph paper, Ye Olde Map Maker is the way to creating quick and easy maps for your RPG adventures. Design and print RPG game maps on any device with thousands of maps instantly available for your use. An incredible resource for your next campaign!

    tags: dungeon-mapper map-editor mapper