ThumbsPlus alternatives

  • gThumb

  • gThumb is an image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop.

    tags: duplicate-images exif gnome image-browser image-converter
  • Free Opener

  • Free Opener allows users to view, edit and print many different types of files without having to download specialty software. Currently, the software supports over 80 different file formats including Microsoft Office Files (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .msg, .vcf), Adobe Files (.swf, .flv, .psd, .pdf), Media files (.avi, .flv, .mid, .mkv, .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .mov, .wav, .wmv, .3gp, .flac) and many others.

    tags: code-files-viewer document-viewer edit-office-documents eml file-archiving
  • Universal Viewer

  • Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer for wide range of formats. Supported file formats are:

    tags: Portable djvu-viewer document-viewer image-viewer media-player
  • Image Eye

  • Simplistic Image Viewer with focus on speed of rendering and switching between images. A good complement when no editing capabilities are nessesary.

    tags: animated-gif fullscreen-support image-adjustment image-viewer minimalistic
  • ACDSee Photo Editor

  • ACDSee Photo Editor makes it easy to create the photos you’ve always envisioned. Apply stunning effects and filters, work with object layers effortlessly, quickly correct common photo flaws, and make advanced edits like a pro. With ACDSee Photo Editor, you have the power to transform any shot into your most extraordinary one yet.

    tags: batch-editing blur-photo crop-image exif image-adjustment
  • Sparkbox

  • Sparkbox helps you to manage images for your design, unlike iPhoto, It is designed to look after the images besides the picture or photograph you took. It is a neat and clean image library in your Mac; It is perfect for designer to organize your image collection and take good use of your visual inspiration.

    tags: Discontinued image-management image-manager image-organizer image-search
  • PT Photo Editor

  • PT Photo Editor is an efficient application designed to solve all common photo problems, bring your images to life and make them look their best. You can easily correct color cast and exposure problem, remove imperfections, and turn every photo into a work of art with your creativity.Main Features:- One-click color correction.- Solve all common exposure problems.- Efficient photo editing tools to remove red eyes, blemishes, unwanted distractions and other imperfections.- Fast Detail improvement with sharpening and noise reduction tools.- Pro-Quality Color Enhancement, stylize your photos.- Creative regional editing.- 16-Bit high quality image processing.- Convenient image browsing and exporting. »

    tags: photo-editing image-editing picture-editor picture-editing
  • Mylio

  • Easily gather, organize and protect all of your photos across all your devices. Use Mylio to rediscover, enjoy, and share your memories—anytime, anywhere.

    tags: flickr-upload image-editing image-gallery image-sharing image-viewer
  • Movavi Photo Editor

  • Have fun with your pics like never before. With Movavi’s awesome picture editor, all you need is a set of photos and a dab of creativity to turn them into real eye candy. You’re going to love the automatic quality improvement with Magic Enhance and the ability to tweak manual color controls for precise edits. Improve framing and composition with transformation tools: like crop, flip, or straighten, resize your images. Experiment with object removal and background replacements for funny or surprising effects and memes! »

    tags: image-editing image-watermarking photo-editing photo-effects photo-filters
  • Thumba

  • Thumba is an online service for editing images, full of great features. You can make simple adjustments to your pictures or even apply great effects. All this in a practical way and directly from your browser.

    tags: photo-editing
  • Photo! Editor

  • Photo! Editor is powerful multifunctional software offering a complete set of image editing tools. It contains anything a digital camera owner might need to correct or enhance their photos. You will enjoy the ultimate convenience and professional approach provided by each of the tools.

    tags: photo-editing photo-effects photos photos-application
  • PicaJet

  • PicaJet is a powerful, feature-rich, but highly customizable and convenient digital photo management and image database software that will efficiently organize your fast-growing digital image collection.

    tags: Discontinued digital-photo-album image-management image-organizer image-tagger
  • ExifPro

  • ExifPro is an application meant to display, manipulate and browse photographs. ExifPro can display images in different view modes. Selected images may be copied, resized, cropped and adjusted.

    tags: exif image-viewer photo-browser pics