Taiga alternatives

  • Pocket MAL

  • Pocket MAL is unofficial Android client for MyAnimeList.net and enables the users to track their anime and manga

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  • Shoko Desktop

  • Manage Your Collection Your Way:With Shoko Desktop, you have complete control over every aspect of your anime collection. Using the built-in collection viewer, you can arrange and organization how the series in your collection are named and displayed. Group related series and even create custom filters based on a number of different criteria. Shoko Desktop also provides over a variety of tools to further modify your collection to your own unique style, without having to learn to code or manually make changes. »

    tags: anime collection media-manager
  • Imprint

  • Tenpenchii helps you track the anime/manga you're following, discover new anime and socialize with other fans.

    tags: anime anime-list anime-manager hummingbird-client
  • Shoko Server

  • Your Anime In One Place, Accessible Anywhere:Shoko server is the core component of the Shoko suite and with it's client-server architecture which allows any program or plugin to access Shoko. You'll have access to your entire collection locally and over the internet with no additional work outside the initial configuration required.

    tags: anime collection media-manager
  • Anitro

  • Anitro is an application for Windows Phone 8.1 that allows you to View and Manage your entire profile.

    tags: anime anime-list anime-manager manga-list
  • Anizen

  • Anizen is a modern iOS app for you to track anime and manage your library.

    tags: anime anime-list anime-tracking
  • MAL Updater OS X

  • MAL Updater OS X is a lightweight, fast and accurate open source MyAnimeList scrobbler for macOS. It’s a scrobbler that is written in Objective-C that automatically updates your list while you watch Anime through any of the supported players (Mplayer, VLC, mpv, Kodi, Plex Theater and more) including legal streaming sites like Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Viz, Netflix, Viewster, Funimation and more.

    tags: audio-scrobbling myanimelist
  • Shinjiru

  • Shinjiru is an anime recognition and list management tool for AniList.

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