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  • Microsoft OneNote

  • Microsoft OneNote, part of the Microsoft Office Suite , is a digital notebook application that gives people one place to gather notes and information. It also offers shared notebooks, syncing between multiple computers and devices via Windows Live online storage, and optical character recognition (OCR) for getting text from pictures, business cards, etc.

    tags: auto-saving cloud-sync embedded-media getting-things-done handwritten-notes
  • xournal

  • Xournal is an application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal using a stylus. It is free software (GNU GPL) and runs on Linux (recent distributions), Windows and other GTK+/Gnome platforms.

    tags: journal pdf-annotation pdf-editing sketching
  • labfolder

  • labfolder is an electronic lab notebook that helps to document, organize and share your research data.Simplify workflow procedures and accelerate your research!

    tags: audit-trail data-export-import laboratory productivity-tool research
  • Pingpad

  • Shared notes and lists - Collaborate in real time. Capture and build on what matters to your group.

    tags: curated-content lists messaging note-sync note-taking
  • OneNote Online

  • OneNote Online, part of Office Online, is the online version of Microsoft OneNote .

    tags: getting-things-done ifttt-integration microsoft-office-suite note-taking notebook
  • NoteLab

  • NoteLab brings the power of digital note taking to Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Solaris.

    tags: handwriting journal note-taking sketching tablet-pc
  • inkBook

  • Write notes by hand with inkBook 2 using tablet and InkWell handwriting recognition technology. The notes remain as handwritten ink, but can be searched, copied to other applications, and exported to a text file.

    tags: handwritten-notes note-taking
  • MetaMoJi Note

  • MetaMoJi Note, previously Note Anytime, is a powerful notetaker, PDF annotation tool, and a digital scrapbook for your life. Capture your ideas anytime with advanced handwriting recognition and handwriting to text conversion, or annotate Office and PDF documents. Use the app as a high resolution sketchbook with a vast color wheel palette, pastel colors and advanced calligraphy pens. MetaMoJi Note is a virtual whiteboard for sketching, annotation, scrapbooking or digital mashup.

    tags: dropbox-integration google-drive-integration handwriting-to-text handwritten-notes no-internet-required
  • S Note

  • S Note lets you create notes using the keyboard or the S Pen™, or both. You can add images, voice memos, videos, and much more. Choose from predefined templates, or start with a blank note. With S Note, you can quickly share your thoughts and ideas with others.

    tags: handwritten-notes note-taking student students
  • Windows Journal

  • Windows Journal is one of the applications designed for Tablet PCs. Users can handwrite notes and draw lines or shapes with it. Even though it is recommended to use a graphics tablet or a Tablet PC, you can compose handwritten notes using a normal mouse. However, this can be quite uncomfortable.

    tags: Discontinued inking jnt note-taking tablet-pc
  • Treegonizer

  • Where OneNote and EverNote work with loosly coupled integration to office suites (like Outlook combined with Microsoft Office) is everything tight integrated into a single user interface in DocOne and FileOne. No need to mess around with multiple windows and programs. And where OneNote and EverNote become slow when used with huge amounts of Notes and complex structuring, are DocOne and FileOne extremely fast.A single tool, 1 application, small and fast to manage notes, todo's, documents, email, contacts, images, music and videos or movies..... fully integrated. n the world of today we read more from electronic devices then from paper. Now why would you still stick to the old awkward page size of A4 or US letter? All Treegonized products don’t know about these old fashion boundaries (but they can if you insist). »

    tags: contacts-and-calendar-sync encrypted-notes file-organizer media-organizer multitasking
  • Penultimate

  • The best-selling handwriting app for iPad. You'll get the fast, tactile gratification of writing on paper, with digital power and flexibility. Take notes, keep sketches, or share your next breakthrough idea -- in the office, on the go, or home on the sofa.

    tags: drafting drawing handwriting handwritten-notes sketching
  • NoteLedge

  • NoteLedge provides a workspace for collecting information from multiple sources, connecting thoughts, and quickly tracing references. Organize notes, annotations, and excerpts from PDF documents and web pages all in one place. This digital notepad provides powerful multimedia and creative tools for creating interactive notes and presenting works straight from a smart device. This is an essential app for project planning, creative thinking, writing research papers, and documentation.

    tags: note-organizer note-taking notebook noteledge notepad