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STLView alternatives

  • Free View Expert

  • Free View Expert is entry level tool targeted for viewing, verifying, dimensioning and communicating 3D geometry information. Free View Expert allows you to input triangle models, create consistent topology, check errors, repair normals and output STL data for 3D printing without any cost. Input various faceted models: STL, VRML, ZPR, OBJ, DXF, PLY, 3DS, Collada, FBX and proprietary 3DE Files. Output following faceted models: STL, VRML, ZPR, DXF, PLY and 3DE Files.--------------Expert Series product suite offers a modular path to full STL file repair and manipulation. Start from model repair and basic splitting and mark ups with Dimensions Expert or 3Data Expert Lite, and when necessary, continue to full model manipulation with 3Data Expert offset, hollow, drain hole and support commands. All DeskArtes products offer state-of-the-art model preparation functionality with reasonable prices. »

    tags: 3d-viewer cad-converter mesh-adaptation
  • Viewshape

  • Support for STL, OBJ, WRL & PLY formatsOpen files in widely used industry standard formats

    tags: stl 3d-viewer mesh vrml .obj
  • 'topeScope

  • ’topeScope Base features:Read stl, dxf gts, nff, q3o, obj, off, ply, tri, uoMesh coloringCopy image to clipboardPrint image

    tags: 3d-viewer 3d-mesh mesh-adaptation
  • ADA STL Viewer

  • The STL Viewer is FREE software for visualisation of STL or OBJ meshes created in packages such as 3D Studio Max, MAYA and Z Brush, modeled in CAD systems or generated from 3D digitalization of physical objects. With its simplified user interface, fast rendering and ability to handle even big volumes of data the STL Viewer is an ideal tool for examining polygonal meshes.

    tags: stl 3d-viewer .obj
  • fstl

  • fstl is cross-platform and open-source. Precompiled binaries are available for Windows and Mac, and the only dependancy is Qt if you want to build it yourself.

    tags: stl 3d-viewer
  • JNetCAD

  • JNetCAD is a Java application for viewing and converting CAD data. It's free for non commercial or educational use. It supports reading 3DS, BGF, DXF, JT, OBJ and STL and writing DXF, EPS, JSON, JT, OBJ, 3D-PDF, STL and VGF.All im- and export modules are available as Java libraries, which give access to the geometries.

    tags: 3d-viewer cad-converter
  • Tatlin

  • Multi-platform Gcode and STL viewer for 3D printing

    tags: stl 3d-viewer gcode
  • Netfabb

  • Netfabb is not just a viewer, it provides mesh edit, repair and analysis capabilities to everyone already being or aspiring to become part of this fantastic, growing, creative, high-tech industry called Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping or 3D Printing.

    tags: prototyping stl support-structures
  • MicroCFD STL Viewer

  • STL Viewer can handle models with over one million facets, the response to pan, zoom, and rotate commands becomes progressively slower with increasing number of facets, even on high-end graphics hardware

    tags: stl 3d-viewer
  • MiniMagics

  • Here's what MiniMagics offers: Import and save .STL, .magics or .mgx filesCompress STL files up to factor 20View parts and rotate, pan or zoomDetect bad edges and flipped trianglesMake a sectionRequest part information, such as XYZ measurements, volume, surface area or number of bad edgesMeasure partsAdd text annotationsCreate a print-out of parts See all information included in the .magics file (like pictures, annotations, etc.) What's new in MiniMagics2? Extended measurement options - precise measurements every timeMiniMagics2 enables you to take accurate measurements from your STL files. Minimagics2 has been enhanced to enable you to take accurate measurements, using points, circles and planes. Enhanced visualization capabilities - quickly grasp complex projectsThe increased view options in MiniMagics2 enable instant geometry appreciation. View options available now include shade, wireframe, shade & wire, triangle and transparent. Easy silent server installation option - install on multiple computers with easeMinimagics2 includes a silent server installation option, specifically designed to ensure that organizations which do not allow individual employees to install their own software, can install MiniMagics2 with ease. »

    tags: 3d-modeling stl 3d-printing 3d-scan
  • OpenSTL

  • OpenSTL A GUI-based STL (stereolithography) file viewer and editor. No installation needed. Support shaded/wireframe rendering and basic editings (translate/rotate)

    tags: Portable stl 3d-viewer