StepShot is watching as a subject matter expert is going through a software workflow and SME’s knowledge is automatically captured in a distraction-less way. StepShot is a software documentation tool that allows spending less time sharing knowledge in performing day-to-day tasks. Have always up-to-date routine processes in a form of how-to step-by-step reference guides and manuals, instructional documents, and runbooks using a software documentation tool. # Features The simple software documentation tool to be used by subject matter experts ‘out-of-the-box’ with little or no training and support required to create professionally looking step-by-step reference guides. Start screen capturing and go through the workflow screenshots are produced on every mouse click. Except for screenshots, t

StepShot alternatives

  • Clarify

  • Clarify helps you create communications that are organized, brief and clear. Clarify is the perfect tool whenever adding screenshots and pictures would make your communication more clear.

    tags: documentation screen-capture step-by-step
  • Problem Steps Recorder

  • Troubleshooting errors for a remote user can be very difficult since you can’t actually see what’s happening on the remote system. Often it comes down to a user saying he didn’t click a button, open a program, close a program, or so on. The new Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.exe) allows you to see exactly what’s going on, documenting every action that takes place on the system experiencing problems.

    tags: built-in customer-feedback problem record-steps screen-capture
  • Dr.Explain

  • Dr.Explain software is a help file authoring tool. It captures windows from a live application, creates screenshots and adds references to all controls.

    tags: help-file-authoring software-help-file-authoring
  • StepsToReproduce

  • Easily capture sequence of screenshots. StR will follow your cursor and each your click will produce a screenshot. Upload those directly to Internet via ImageShack!Add blur, highlights, arrows, and many other elements to your screenshots with super fast interface! Undo-Redo almost any action in the application!The series of screenshots with all the annotations, titles and descriptions can be exported into a single PDF document and shared via DropBox!

    tags: Discontinued automated-testing customer-support dropbox-integration image-editing
  • X Steps Recorder

  • xsr - X Steps RecorderThis program is a clone of PSR for Windows, a program that allows users to make a recording of all of the steps they took. (It's like a screen recorder except it doesn't record a video.)The main differences are that this only runs on Linux, that it records your keystrokes too (!), and that it saves the output as standard html (base64-uri-encoded images) rather than mhtml. This allows for easy editing of the resultant file, such as to remove passwords you typed (which is why psr doesn't record keystrokes in the first place). »

    tags: record-steps screen-capture
  • ScreenSteps

  • Capture a picture of each step of the process you are trying to demonstrate. ScreenSteps automatically creates a document for you with each screenshot in the exact order you took it.

    tags: create-tutorials documentation handbook programmers-documentation step-by-step
  • Dozuki

  • Dozuki is a web-based tool for creating and distributing step-by-step documentation. With Dozuki you can create and view your content on any device, including: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and any device with a web browser.

    tags: api authoring-tool authoring-tools document-creation document-management
  • Imago Recorder

  • Imago Recorder can record the activities of the system operations.

    tags: record-desktop-activity record-steps report reporting screen-capture