Standup Alice!

Standup Alice alternatives

  • iDoneThis

  • Write down your daily activities and stay motivated, whatever you do.

    tags: real-time-collaboration tasks track-activities
  • TeamColony

  • Know what your team is doing with just one e-mail. Get status and mood reports from your people in a super simple way, from any device and time zone. 100% free, with no ads.

    tags: agile-project-management daily-standup employee-feedback productivity-tool project-management
  • Geekbot

  • Geekbot is a slackbot assistant that helps users set up real asynchronous stand up meetings within Slack. The solution helps staff stay organized, up-to-date and aligned with the rest of the team. It only takes a few minutes to set up an initial standup with team members.

    tags: daily-standup meetings productivity-tool project-management self-management
  • Status Hero

  • Status Hero is a project management tool for tracking daily goals and status updates. Your team members check-in by responding to automated mobile notifications, and beautiful status reports are compiled and broadcast to your team communication channels, like email and Slack. Easily compares goals with actual accomplishments, eliminates costly meetings, and highlights blocking issues that prevent your team from getting stuff done.

    tags: daily-goals goal-management goal-setting goal-tracker goal-tracking
  • HeyUpdate

  • Keep your team in sync. Write an update at the end of the day and receive a summary of your team’s accomplishments the following morning. HeyUpdate is a simple and effective tool for teams that like to get things done.

    tags: activity-log productivity-tool team-collaboration team-working
  • WorkingOn

  • WorkingOn is a really simple service for tracking what everybody is working on. Each person on your team can post short status updates that can be used to track progress. The next morning each person receives an email with the teams progress for the previous day.

    tags: daily-standup productivity-tool real-time-collaboration status-update task-list-manager
  • Teamreporter

  • Teamreporter is an application that helps you to get status updates & reports from your team in an easy and automated way.. Used by teams, project managers and CEO's.

    tags: communications meetings remote-team-management remote-teams team-collaboration
  • Weekly10

  • Weekly10 combines status reporting and performance management using a weekly 10 minute online check-in to set and review team and individual goals.

    tags: employee-engagement employee-feedback goal-tracking performance-management real-time-collaboration
  • StandupMail

  • StandupMail is a simple progress reporting tool to keep your team in sync. It increases productivity by reducing information asymmetries. A daily reminder requests a quick status update, which is replied with a simple list of accomplishments, upcoming tasks and problems. The next day, everyone receives a nice digest email summarizing the overall team progress. StandupMail seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow and works with every email client.

    tags: getting-things-done productivity-tool project-collaboration real-time-collaboration reminder
  • TeamSnippets

  • TeamSnippets automatically collects and distributes your team's daily status updates.

    tags: agile-project-management daily-standup productivity-tool project-management real-time-collaboration
  • 15Five

  • 15Five Employee Feedback System. 15Five allows your company to surface problems, celebrate wins, discover great ideas, and stay tuned in to morale.

    tags: employee-feedback
  • Standuply

  • Standuply runs automated standup and retrospective meetings in Slack. Main features:

    tags: agile bot project-management slack
  • Nikabot

  • Nikabot asks your team members one simple question a day: What did you work on today? She then gathers that information and creates accurate Gantt charts and reports so you can bill clients, keep track of projects and show off in your next meeting.

    tags: management-tools team-collaboration team-management time-tracking timesheet