* Double-click on the timer numerals to reset the countdown * Use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the number of minutes by multiples of 5 * Use the Escape (Esc key to exit the program * Set the minutes to 0 to count up Works on all versions of Windows, 32 and 64-bit. SnapTimer is freeware and open source and can be used for private or commercial use. How to install: No installation required. Just unzip the downloaded archive and run SnapTimer.exe The source code is available on github
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**Version:** 0.1 **Size:** 1.48MB (3.15MB uncompressed **MD5:** C145A

SnapTimer alternatives

  • CookTimer

  • CookTimer is a simple cross-platform countdown timer that helps when cooking, making tea or eggs. It also works for any other timing purpose such as working out. it was developed using wxWidgets and was tested on Windows and Linux.

    tags: Portable alarm-clock chronometer clock cooking
  • Ethervane Stopwatch

  • Ethervane Stopwatch is a simple timer for Windows 2000 or later. It can be used for example to track the time spent working or performing other activities on the computer. The timer can be paused and resumed at any time. If you close the program while the timer is running, it will continue counting from where you left off when the program is restarted. You can also count from a specified value down to zero.

    tags: Discontinued stopwatch
  • TTclock

  • TTclock is a simple, compact alarm clock, countdown timer and stopwatch that can be minimized to the system tray. It has two display modes: pure clock and control panel.

    tags: Portable alarm-clock countdown-timer desktop-clock stopwatch
  • OK Timer

  • OK Timer’s simple and intuitive design makes it a worthy alternative that allows you to manage multiple timers under one roof.

    tags: stopwatch timer
  • vijazedan Timer

  • This is a simple app that creates a timer, and when time finishes, a sound is played. It has two modes, GUI mode for user interface and terminal/console mode to execute and use it from a terminal emulator/command prompt.

    tags: Discontinued Portable clock command-line cross-platform
  • InerziaTimer

  • InerziaTimer is a small and easy to use application that can help you to measure time intervals. Its streamlined graphical user interface is not-intrusive and shows its powerful features at-a-glance.

    tags: timer alarm-clock countdown time-zone chronometer
  • MyStopWatch

  • MyStopWatch help you to quickly access your stopwatch with just a click in your menu bar.

    tags: timer clock stopwatch countdown homework
  • KTimer

  • KTimer is a little tool to execute programs after some time. It allows you to enter several tasks and to set a timer for each of them. The timers for each task can be started, stopped, changed, or looped.

    tags: countdown countdown-clock
  • Marxio Timer

  • Marxio Timer is an easy to use, yet versatile timer, reminder and scheduling tool that you can use to execute more than a dozen different task types (turn off PC, restart, lock screen, display text, run selected application, send keystrokes etc.). Each task is configured as individual configuration file that can be loaded as needed or automatically launched when your computer starts. Once activated, the task displays a progress windows (desktop the system tray) that keeps track of the remaining time until launch and also provides options to pause or cancel the task if needed. You can schedule tasks to run at certain times, after a countdown is elapsed or dynamically, based on PC idle time and CPU usage. »

    tags: Discontinued timer reminder schedule-tasks timer-utility
  • MenuTimer

  • MenuTimer is a timer that you can use from your menu bar. It can be used as a stopwatch or a countdown timer. MenuTimer has support for days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. Also, you can customize the alarm message. More features on the way, if you need to time something then MenuTimer is the way to go.

    tags: Discontinued timer alarm-clock stopwatch countdown-timer