ShellNewHandler alternatives

  • ShellMenuView

  • ShellMenuView is a small utility that display the list of static menu items that appeared in the context menu when you right-click a file/folder on Windows Explorer

    tags: Portable shell system-utilities
  • FCorp Context Menu Manager

  • Context Menu Manager is a collection of utilities bent on providing the necessary means to customize the file association on the system as well as to enrich the context menu for files and folders with new entries.

    tags: Portable shell portable-applications customize-windows system-utilities
  • Context Menu Editor

  • Context Menu Editor can view and delete links to programs on your context menus (the popup menus you see when you right-click). Context Menu Editor does not delete the programs, it just removes them from your menus. Menu deletions cannot be undone so please use with care - you may need to reinstall your software if you want them back. Context Menu Editor can view and delete menu items for right clicking on files, right clicking on folders and right clicking in Internet Explorer. Try Context Menu Editor today to see just how clean your menus can be! ยป

    tags: Discontinued context-menu context-menu-extension context-menu-manager right-click-menu
  • ContextEdit

  • Download ContextEdit - Lets you control which items appear on your windows context menu.

    tags: desktop-enhancement context-menu-manager
  • ShellMenuNew

  • ShellMenuNew is a small utility that displays the list of all menu items in the New submenu of Windows Explorer

    tags: shell system-utilities portable-applications extensions context-menu
  • Right-Click Extender

  • Right-Click Extender will allow you to add or remove the following additional options to a File, Folder, Computer and Desktops Right Click Context Menu.

    tags: context-menu extender
  • ShellNewSettings

  • ShellNewSettings is a free tool for Windows to remove items from Explorer's "new" menu. The "new" item list can easily get bloated and this simple app helps clean it up.

    tags: context-menu customize-windows right-click system-utilities