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Latest version Released: 22th January 2017 # ScrapeBox v2 Now Released!

Scrapebox alternatives

  • Marketing Miner

  • Data mining tool for SEO specialists and marketers. Marketing Miner is a tool for automated extraction of data that is important for online marketing of web projects. It consists of miners that provide data extracting based on user`s input dataset.

    tags: content-analysis content-discovery keyword-ranking keyword-rankings keyword-research
  • Botgun

  • Botgun software allows to write very high performance http bots to post to thousands of websites in a few minutes.

    tags: Portable automation http bot post
  • Auto Comment Poster

  • Comment Poster is automatic comment posting software and ultimate dofollow backlinks generator designed for webmasters that aren't fully satisfied with the effectiveness of traditional backlinks building techniques. Unlike some other tools, it's the first and only automatic comment poster which brings backlinks building to the next level with the help of top-rated, finest-quality, high PageRank sites.

    tags: seo-optimization auto-comment
  • Cheateo

  • Marketing (and mainly SEO) starts to be harder and harder. Between the globalization and the rules more and more strict of Google, it begins really hard to be visible. So why not do like your majors competitors? Cheat on some directories, fake your views, increase the number of times your song has been listened! Everything is really simple with! Just choose the path of your bot, tell us how many times a day you want to launch it, and press "Play"!

    tags: marketing automation search-engine-optimization bot
  • XRumer

  • Tool for automatic submitting of your articles on forums, blogs, guestbooks, catalogs, wiki and many other engines. In one word — autosubmitter

    tags: automation spam seo-tool poster bot
  • A-Parser

  • A-Parser - a multi-threaded scraper of search engines, site assessment services, keywords, content(text, links, random data) and much more(youtube, pictures, translators...). A-Parser combines over 70 parsers in total!

    tags: Portable data-mining scrapbook search-engine-optimization web-scraper
  • Comment Anywhere

  • Comment Anywhere was built to help save the time and money of advertisers that aim to respond to relevant content.

    tags: Discontinued automation bot facebook-auto-comment marketing