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Saver2 alternatives

  • Digitally Imported

  • Digitally Imported is a multi-channel internet radio service specialising in Electronic Dance Music genres. Filling a global niche for EDM broadcasting has made Digitally Imported one of the most popular internet radio services in the world.

    tags: internet-radio music-streaming streaming
  • Elpis

  • Elpis is a free and open source Pandora client for Microsoft Windows. It was created to provide a simple, lightweight and seamless way to enjoy music through Pandora while freeing you from the confines of a web browser and integrating into the desktop.

    tags: music-streaming pandora-client pandora-ad-blocker
  • Hermes

  • Fast - Hermes beats Flash, hands down.

    tags: growl-integration lightweight music-streaming pandora-client
  • Pithos

  • Pithos is a Pandora client for the GNOME Desktop. The official Flash-based client is a CPU hog, and Pianobar is command-line only. Neither integrate with the desktop very well, missing things like media key support and song notifications. Pithos uses libpiano, the backend of pianobar, to create a better Pandora player.

    tags: internet-radio pandora-client
  • CÜR Music

  • CÜR Music, previously Raditaz, is a library of over 10 million tracks as a blend of internet radio and on-demand streaming.

    tags: Discontinued internet-radio music-streaming streaming
  • Sharingod

  • Free mp3 music Downloads & stream. Top artists and hit music free for download. Top Quality mp3 base.

    tags: music-streaming download-music music-search mp3-search
  • pianobar

  • “pianobar” is a free/open-source, console-based replacement for Pandora ’s flash player. Create, delete, rename stations and add more music. Rate and temporary ban tracks as well as move them to another station. “Shared stations”, scrobbling (using an external scrobbler), Proxy support for non-americans

    tags: command-line-interface internet-radio pandora-client proxy-support
  • Pandorita

  • Pandorita is a native Mac OS X client for the internet radio service Pandora. It is written entirely in Cocoa, and built to be lightweight, easy to use, and fully functional. Internally it uses the amazing pianobar library to communicate with Pandora's server.

    tags: pandora-client pandora-enhancer
  • Pandorian

  • Pandorian is a clutter free, lightweight and easy to use desktop client for Pandora. It enables listening from unsupported countries with the use of a proxy. Pandora's song skipping limits are honoured in order to avoid possible account flagging. Pandorian is intended for Pandora listeners who do not like to have a web browser open all the time and/or find it a hassle to setup a system-wide proxy or having to dial a VPN connection every time they would like to listen to Pandora. Alternatively, if your country is supported, simply change a setting to not use a proxy and enjoy listening. »

    tags: internet-radio music-streaming pandora-client pandora-desktop-app streaming-audio
  • PandoraBrowse

  • PandoraBrowse is a mini-browser for Pandora that allows you to minimize the music service to the task bar.

    tags: Portable pandora-client task-bar-application
  • PandaBar

  • Play Pandora from your Mac menu bar. A native app for Mac that stays in your menu bar (and doesn't clutter your dock while it's running). Allows you to control song playback and give your songs thumbs up/down ratings.

    tags: menu-bar-app music-streaming pandora-client
  • PianoPub

  • Pianopub is a free Pandora internet radio player for OS X.It is a port of Pianobar, so please support the original developers. It is for use with your account from the internet radio service.

    tags: Discontinued music-player radio-player pandora-client
  • RadioEnhancer

  • PandoraEnhancer is a Chrome extension that removes ads, displays song change notifications, and improves Pandora Radio's HTML5 interface.

    tags: pandora pandora-enhancer pandora-ad-blocker pandora-one