This functionality is independent of the program's geocoding capabilities, but you can still include the audio files in the Google Maps or Google Earth output if your choose. --- Want to know more? The program's documentation help.asp RoboGEO documentation is on-line if you want to browse through it. Or better still, download download.asp Download RoboGEO the demo and try it for yourself. When you're ready to purchase purchase.asp Purchase RoboGEO , you can do so through our automated on-line ordering system. It'll only take a few minutes and you won't break the bank in doing so. * * * --- Home default.asp RoboGEO home page ocs help.asp RoboGEO documentation AQ faq.asp RoboGEO FAQ equirements system.asp RoboGEO system requirements ownload downloa

RoboGEO alternatives

  • Geosetter

  • GeoSetter is a freeware tool for Windows for showing and changing geo data and other meta data (IPTC/XMP/Exif) of image files (e.g. images taken by digital cameras).

    tags: Portable exif exiftool geotagging gps
  • GPSPhotoLinker

  • GPSPhotoLinker adds GPS position and location data to your photos. The latitude and longitude recorded by your GPS unit are linked and saved to your photos. GPSPhotoLinker automatically enters the city, state and country into the metadata.

    tags: geotagged-photo geotagging metadata-editor