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regain alternatives

  • YaCy

  • YaCy is a free search engine that anyone can use to build a search portal for their intranet or to help search the public internet. When contributing to the world-wide peer network, the scale of YaCy is limited only by the number of users in the world and can index billions of web pages. It is fully decentralized, all users of the search engine network are equal, the network does not store user search requests and it is not possible for anyone to censor the content of the shared index.

    tags: anonymity decentralized open-source-projects peer-to-peer privacy-focused
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • DocFetcher

  • DocFetcher is a portable German/English open source desktop search application. It allows you search the contents of documents on your computer. - You can think of it as Google for your local document repository.

    tags: Portable desktop-search file-search indexed-search lan-search
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Agent Ransack

  • Agent Ransack is a tool for finding files and information on your hard drive fast and efficiently. When searching the contents of files Agent Ransack also displays the text found. Users can then quickly browse the results without having to separately open each file!

    tags: context-menu-extension email-search file-management file-search outlook-search
    platform: Windows
  • Locate32

  • Locate32 is software which can be used to find files from your harddrives and other locations. It works like updatedb and locate commands in Unix based systems. In other words, it uses databases to store information about directory structures and uses these databases in searches. The use of these databases provides very fast searching speed. The software includes a dialog based application as well as console programs which can be used to both update and access databases.

    tags: file-management file-search index
    platform: Windows
  • RecentX

  • RecentX gives you fastest access to your files, folders, programs, websites and also clipboard history in Windows. What's special is that it automatically remembers your recent and favorite items so that you can access them faster than searching all the files, folders etc. You can assign tags to all of them. You will be surprised to see how much hassle it saves and makes computing really enjoyable. We have stuffed this app with innovations that will boost your productivity.

    tags: Portable app-launcher app-search application-launcher bookmark-manager
    platform: Windows
  • Recoll

  • This package is a personal full text search package which is based on a very strong backend (Xapian), for which it provides an easy to use and feature-rich interface.

    tags: boolean-function desktop-search file-preview file-search full-text-search
    platform: Mac OS X Linux BSD
  • FileLocator

  • FileLocator Lite enables you to locate files on your pc. It performs a thorough and quick search for any file you want to find.

    tags: 64-bit-support double-byte-languages-support file-search microsoft-office-support regular-expression
    platform: Windows
  • Searchmonkey

  • A fast real-time search engine for displaying regular expression matches (both file name and content) across multiple directories.

    tags: desktop-search index desktop-index
    platform: Windows Linux BSD
  • Lookeen Desktop Search

  • Lookeen Desktop Search is an indexed-based file and email search tool for business and private users. With Lookeen you will not only find the information you need on your desktop – shared folders and network paths can also be indexed and searched.

    tags: desktop-search document-automation email-search file-search indexed-search
    platform: Windows Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Index Your Files

  • Index Your Files allows you to search through all your files or folders on local or networked drives without remote admin rights (as necessary for the similar app "Everything"). Searching can be done by name, date, size, location etc., and boolean operators are available to to perform multiple keyword searches. You can invoke Windows Explorer context menus on found files to perform operations such as drag/drop, copy, rename, delete etc. It also includes internal viewers for text, HTML and image files. 36 languages. »

    tags: Discontinued Portable file-search lan-search languages.min.15
    platform: Windows Linux Wine Discontinued
  • Archivarius 3000

  • Archivarius 3000 is a full-featured application to search documents and e-mail on the desktop computer, your local network and removable drives (CD, DVD). The documents can be searched by content, the same as with Internet search engines.

    tags: desktop-search file-management file-search find-files indexed-search
    platform: Windows
  • FileSeek

  • FileSeek is a lightning fast, small and easy to use file searching application for Windows. It can even be integrated right into the Windows Explorer right-click menu to provide quick and easy access. FileSeek doesn’t use background indexing, so when FileSeek is closed your computer’s performance won’t be affected.

    tags: Portable file-management file-search
    platform: Windows
  • FSearch

  • FSearch is a fast file search utility for GNU/Linux operating systems, inspired by Everything Search Engine. It's written in C and based on GTK+3.

    tags: file-search find-files finder indexed-search regexp
    platform: Linux
  • Find Any File

  • Find Any File searches your local disks for files by name, creation or modification date, size, or type and creator code (not by content, though). As there are other tools with a similar search operation, here are the special features unique to Find Any File:Has a new hierarchical view of the found items, making it much easier to browse 100s of items.Can run as root user, finding really any file on your disk, even those that are hidden from normal users.Can save queries and run them again later.Is quite fast: About 10 times faster than EasyFind 4.0.1 when searching for a file name (Mac Pro with 2 million files, searching "httpd.conf": EasyFile: 150s, this app: 15s) »

    tags: file-search find-files finder
    platform: Mac OS X
  • ANGRYsearch

  • Instant file search, showing results as you type.

    tags: desktop-search file-search indexed-search search-tool
    platform: Linux