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Rebump alternatives

  • Gmelius

  • Gmelius offers an intuitive and simple way to make Gmail the way you want it. Install it, activate the features you need in the options screen and Gmelius will do the rest.

    tags: chrome-extension firefox follow-up-mail gmail gmail-integration
  • SalesHandy

  • SalesHandy is sales engagement platform. It provides email tracking, mail merge, document tracking & email scheduling. It allows user to send mass personalized email using mail merge, from gmail or their own SMTP servers.

    tags: automatic-follow-up bulk-email-sending chrome-extension crm-integration document-tracking
  • FollowUpThen

  • Email followups, scheduled as easily as this: [email protected]. Clear out your inbox by forwarding emails to FollowUpThen. Make sure your emails get responses. SMS Reminders. Easy reminders — an email away.

    tags: reminder todo-manager reminders email-reminders

  • Accurate email tracking, automated followups, prospecting, mail merge, meeting coordination, sendlater, snooze, undo, and snippets for Gmail.

    tags: auto-responder chrome-extension email-reminders email-tracking follow-up-mail

  • was created to let people attach reminders instantly to any email. Since then, users have been scheduling their to-do list, scheduling tasks for others and keep conversations on track!

    tags: calendar-integration email-reminders email-scheduling ifttt-integration no-reply
  • Yesware

  • Yesware is an all-in-one sales toolkit. Track emails and presentations, create templates, log calls to CRM, and more, right from your inbox.

    tags: email-marketing email-tracking gmail-integration reminders send-it-later
  • Mixmax

  • Track, automate, and enhance your emails with the essential productivity suite for Gmail and Google Inbox.

    tags: email-tracking follow-up-mail gmail sales send-it-later
  • Datananas

  • Generate new leads from accurate sources of prospects, and kickstart your Lead Relationship Management strategy with Outbound Sales campaigns.

    tags: marketing lead-generation sales-automation lead-generation-software b2b-sales-prospecting

  • Save a lot of time on online prospecting. A lot, really...

    tags: b2b-sales-prospecting lead-generation lead-generation-software lead-management leads

  • is a delayed messaging service allowing you to compose email messages that remain unsent as long as you click a link, at a recurring interval you specify, to continue to postpone the sending of your message.

    tags: communications messaging notify alert send-it-later
  • Snooze Your Email for Gmail

  • Enables you to snooze emails in Gmail.

    tags: todo-manager productivity-tool reminders email-reminders snooze-mail
  • ReplyUp

  • ReplyUp’s a chrome plugin that allow you to send customized follow-up emails until they get answered.

    tags: chrome-extension email-marketing follow-up-mail marketing-tools

  • 4 facts in favor of using Remail:

    tags: email-automation email-campaign email-management email-marketing email-tracking
  • LeadSequence

  • Send personalized bulk email and set up powerful follow-up sequences to get more replies. Start sending smarter emails and reach more people in less time.

    tags: automatic-follow-up email-campaign email-marketing email-marketing-apps email-newsletter