read-edid alternatives

  • cpuid

  • cpuid dumps detailed information about the CPU(s) gathered from the CPUID instruction, and also determines the exact model of CPU(s).

    tags: cpu-monitor processor cpu-identification
    platform: Linux
  • hwinfo

  • hwinfo is a program developed by OpenSUSE. hwinfo is used to probe for the hardware present in the system. It can be used to generate a system overview log which can be later used for support.

    tags: system-information hardware-monitoring hardware-inventory
    platform: Linux
  • Dmidecode

  • Dmidecode reports information about your system's hardware as described in your system BIOS according to the SMBIOS/DMI standard. This information typically includes system manufacturer, model name, serial number, BIOS version, asset tag as well as a lot of other details of varying level of interest and reliability depending on the manufacturer. This will often include usage status for the CPU sockets, expansion slots (e.g. AGP, PCI, ISA) and memory module slots, and the list of I/O ports (e.g. serial, parallel, USB). ( ) ยป

    tags: reporting hardware-monitoring information-colletor
    platform: Windows Linux
  • driconf

  • DRIconf is a configuration applet for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure. It allows customizing performance and visual quality settings of OpenGL drivers on a per-driver, per-screen and/or per-application level. The settings are stored in system wide and per-user XML configuration files, which are parsed by the OpenGL drivers on startup.

    tags: rendering configuration configuration-management dri glx
    platform: Linux
  • Glxinfo

  • glxinfo is a command-line tool that can help you diagnose problems with your 3D acceleration setup. It can also provide additional helpful information for developers.

    tags: system-information dri mesa glx
    platform: Linux
  • vbetool

  • vbetool is a small application that executes code from the BIOS of your video card. This is mostly useful for reinitialising the hardware, for instance after ACPI suspend/resuming.

    tags: graphics hardware-monitoring bios acpi
    platform: Linux
  • yacpi

  • Yacpi is an acpi monitoring program for Linux. It displays various acpi information like battery status and ac status on notebooks. The main reason why i wrote this program is, because i don't like the acpi program, which is included in debian :) It displays things like battery status, ac status, cpu frequency, remaining battery/charge time, temperature... It also supports the use of more than one battery and can display them.

    tags: monitoring apm acpi
    platform: Linux