Idea Tool (Not present in LE version --- * The Idea Tool will generate a multitrack composition the way you want. You just need to set the conditions and rules of the tool and press the Generate button. There are many details that you can specify on a composition or per track basis. E.g. selecting an instrument can happen by tag, by track function, by selecting one randomly from a list, or can be a specific preset. You can set up phrases and variations to use. If you include a phrase generator, it is possible to specify a range for its parameters. The randomness of the musical idea depends on your settings only. Screenshot

RapidComposer alternatives

  • Odesi

  • Odesi helps you write hot tracks. It exports the results to Audio and MIDI files, so you can use the final result immediately. The MIDI files you create in Odesi will open perfectly inside Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason, Pro Tools, or any other DAW. It doesn’t change your workflow, it just speeds up your creative process because MIDI functions in Odesi are much faster than all music producer software.

    tags: music-production
  • Synfire

  • The comprehensive Music Prototyping Studio for professionals and enthusiasts. Get rid of tedious routine and enjoy an artistic freedom and creative variety never seen before. Forget writer's block. Synfire is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. And a priceless time saver for pros.

    tags: composition digital-audio-workstation music-production prototyping songwriting
  • Helio Workstation

  • Helio is a cross-platform lightweight music speed-painting tool. It features linear-based sequencer with clean UI, integrated version control to sync the projects between devices, export to midi and more.

    tags: ad-free arranger composition music-production songwriting
  • Liquid Music

  • Liquid Music is a harmony, melody and rhythm MIDI editor software that plugs into your DAW host. It's compatible with VST, AU, AAX and Max for Live.

    tags: arranger composition music-production vsti
  • Sundog Scale Studio

  • Sundog MIDI Scale Studio. Jam with scales and chords. Flexible MIDI sequencer.

    tags: music-production songwriting composition arranger accompaniment
  • Mixtikl

  • Mixtikl is one of the deepest and most powerful generative music apps out there and it lets you create magical generative music mixes that you can interact with, add audio loops to and generally customize to your hearts content (e.g. modular synth sounds & live FX, generative rules and play along parts to 12 track arrangements, mix tempo & root and more). The depth in Mixtikl rewards those who explore and become familiar with it, and the musical results from Mixtikl can be astounding - and there is a visualiser and you can include words, too. »

    tags: vst-plugin modular-system midi-sequencer music-looper sound-mixer
  • ITVL

  • ITVL (Interval) is a dynamic step sequencer for creative music composition.

    tags: auto-accompaniment generative-music music-production sequencer
  • Noatikl

  • Noatikl is a powerful creative tool for generating custom generative music and new musical ideas - create your own "reflective music" and generative music.

    tags: generative-music aleatory reflective aleatoric stochastic
  • Sharp11

  • Sharp11 is an npm module for performing music theory operations, ranging from simple things like transposing a note to complicated things like generating an ordered list of scales that can be played over a given chord.

    tags: music-production midi-composer music-theory algorithmic-composition
  • Automated Composing System

  • ACS helps you to create music by providing customizable styles that you use to algorithmically compose MIDI songs.

    tags: music-production midi accompaniment arranger algorithmic-composition
  • Harmony Builder

  • Harmony Builder is an intelligent music composition software.

    tags: accompaniment algorithmic-composition arranger composition music-production