r8lst alternatives

  • Ranker

  • See thousands of entertaining and informative rankings - from celebrities to universities - at Ranker. Or use the 5 million items in our system to make and share your own lists - of anything - in minutes.

    tags: lists rank listing reorder
    platform: Online
  • Listiki

  • Listiki lets you find, make and share lists of stuff you care about. Listiki, at heart, is a deceptively simple concept: collaborative, live, ordered lists that can be generated by anyone. Listiki will harness the power of the real-time web via Twitter & other social networks to add a layer of context and hierarchy to this massive, constant flow of data. It's a tool that delivers order and relevance for any topic.

    tags: Discontinued rss social-media lists drag-and-drop
    platform: Online Discontinued
  • Demolistic

  • Demolistic is a list-building community. Create, edit, share, and discuss ranked lists. If you disagree about the rankings on a list, you can create your own version of that list, and the system will generate a "master" list with the average ranks of everyone's list on that topic. It's basically a ranked choice voting system for voting on anything.

    tags: voting rank list-buiilding consensus
    platform: Online