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QPush alternatives

  • KDE Connect

  • KDE Connect is a project that aims to communicate all your devices. For example, with KDE Connect you can receive your phone notifications on your computer, or just use your phone as a remote control for your desktop. To achieve this, KDE Connect implements a secure communication protocol over the network, and allows any developer to create plugins on top of it. Currently there are KDE Connect clients on KDE, Android and Blackberry, and soon we will support iPhone as well.

    tags: battery-level-report clipboard-sharing locate-phone phone-utility real-time-sync
  • Join by joaoapps

  • To sum it up, you can:

    tags: chrome-extension push-notification push-notifications send-links-to-phone send-to-phone
  • AirMore

  • AirMore is a cross-platform tool to access mobile devices wirelessly over the web. It can transfer Android and iOS device files to PC and vice versa.

    tags: android-manager file-management mobile-device-management pc-suite usb-over-wifi
  • Pushover

  • Pushover is a simple push notification service that integrates easily into web apps, network monitoring systems, shell scripts, and anything else that needs to send alerts to your mobile devices.

    tags: adium alerts ifttt-integration nagios network-monitoring
  • Pushline

  • Pushline is a free application that synchronizes notifications and badges between your smartphone and a PC or Mac Computer, its like Continuity for your Android device.

    tags: android-manager chrome-extension notification-mirror push-notification push-notifications
  • Pushjet

  • Free open source push notifications

    tags: encrypted notifications open-source-projects push-notification-service secure-messaging
  • Kopy

  • Kopy is the best way to copy/paste your text across your devices.

    tags: chrome-extension push-notifications send-links send-links-to-phone send-to-phone
  • DeskCon

  • DeskCon integrates your Android Device in the Desktop. Receive Notifications, Files and Commands from your mobile Device on your Desktop PC. The Data is send over a secure TLS Connection. The Connection is encrypted and authenticated with self-signed Certificates (RSA-2048 PK).

    tags: Discontinued push-notification send-files send-links send-links-to-phone
  • BitTorrent Shoot

  • Shoot makes it easy to send a big batch of photos or a large video directly from your device to your friends.

    tags: Discontinued backup-and-restore bittorrent cross-platform file-sharing
  • Copy Space

  • Do you copy and paste text, images and links often and managing this content can be a problem for you? No worries, as Copy Space is here to help! With our app you can copy all types of content, be it written, in the form of images or even entire documents, then paste it wherever you want on your device.

    tags: android-apps clipboard-tool ios-apps mac-apps productivity-app
  • CellSend

  • CellSend is a free service that allows you to send texts from your computer to your phone in a fast and easy way.

    tags: share-images send-links-to-phone send-to-phone share-text
  • FileCast

  • Everyday problem: a file needs to be copied from a desktop computer to a mobile device (or another desktop computer somewhere on the internet).

    tags: send-files send-large-files
  • Push To BlackBerry

  • Quickly send links from your desktop browser to your BlackBerry 10 device.

    tags: chrome-extension firefox-extension opera-extension push-notifications send-links-to-phone