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QLab alternatives

  • EventSoundControl

  • Use sofware that was designed from the ground up for the musical accompaniment of sporting events, the carnival and for your stage show! With Event Sound Control You have a piece of software that is jingle and music player for events. Also streaming software for online radio is included. EventSoundControl is everything you need to take control of the sounds and music for your event.

    tags: audio-editor jingles mp3 mp3-player mp3-recorder
  • Show Cue System

  • The Show Cue System has been designed to playback sound cues such as sound effects and music cues for live theatre productions.

    tags: cues midi msc playback scs
  • Sound Byte

  • Sound Byte is a computerized cart rack machine for the Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad - play AIFF, WAVE, mp3, and other sound files at the click of a mouse.

    tags: automated cart-machine microphone mp3 podcasting
  • Soundplant

  • Soundplant is a digital audio performance tool that turns the computer keyboard into a versatile, low latency sound trigger and playable instrument. Via drag-and-drop, easily assign sound files of any format and unlimited size onto 72 keyboard keys, for hours of instantly-playing audio at your fingertips with no extra hardware needed.

    tags: cues digital-audio-performance live-performance music-production sound-design
  • Computerised Sound Mixing Desk

  • Computerised Sound Mixing Desk software for Drama groups and School Drama Classes.

    tags: sound-effects mixing sfx production
  • Livetraker Audio Midi Player

  • Features SummaryWindows and Mac version!multiple song import to save time importing songs (audio & midi)audio playback – up to 24 stereo tracks (wav / mp3 / etc.)audio click generator16 subgroupstrack mixer (eq / compressor / reverb / delay)multiple soundcard output (up to 16 x stereo)midi playback / midi out commands / midi time clock / midi clockset list / playlist with time calculation featuremidi control: volume, playback start/stop, song number (via prg-change / note on), Midi Time Clocklyric window with text editor and extra monitor / image file importkeyboard: shortcuts and set list search*ASIO driver supportsupported language: english, german »

    tags: karaoke-player media-player midi mp3 multitrack
  • MultiWAV

  • MultiWAV is a revolutionary way of playing multiple audio files at once. This is achieved by having multiple players all in one window.

    tags: cue cue-player cuepoint drama mwav
  • ShowCueWeb

  • A pure HTML5 web app for cueing audio, video, images and HTML for stage/technical theater performance.

    tags: cue cue-to-tracks technical-theater
  • qwertyGO!

  • With qwertyGO! you are able to trigger sounds and songs with your computer-keyboard or midi-device. You can also provide backing tracks for live acts and generate a click-track for the drummer on a separate channel. Play jingles and sound loops in a radio show or at the theater.

    tags: aif audio-sampler audiounit cart-machine click