PS Tray Factory!

PS Tray Factory alternatives

  • RBTray

  • Allows almost any program to be minimized to the system tray by right clicking its minimize button.

    tags: Portable minimize-to-tray window-manager
  • 4t Tray Minimizer

  • 4t Tray Minimizer is a lightweight but powerful window manager, which helps you to free up space on the desktop and the taskbar via the following actions:

    tags: system-tray minimize-to-tray
  • PowerMenu

  • PowerMenu is a small application that some extra menu items to the windows control menu in addition to the standard "Close", "Maximize", etc options. The extra menus are: Priority, Always On Top, Transparency and Minimize To Tray.

    tags: Discontinued desktop-enhancement transparency minimize-to-tray window-on-top
  • SmartSystemMenu

  • SmartSystemMenu extends system menu of all windows in the system. It appends next custom items to menu:

    tags: system-tweaker
  • ShellEnhancer

  • NuonSoft ShellEnhancer is a powerfull utility designed to enhance the default shell of Windows. Learn more about ShellEnhancer.

    tags: Discontinued system-tweaker window-manager
  • TrayIt!

  • TrayIt! - minimize to the system icon tray any program (Outlook Express, Notepad, Word, Internet Explorer, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Opera, OpenOffice etc.) and get more room in the Taskbar!

    tags: Discontinued system-tray transparency minimize-to-tray window-on-top
  • HideWin

  • HideWin sits in the system tray and enables you to hide any top-level window with its popup tray menu or an ALT+letter hotkey that it assigns automatically. It appears to be abandonware, but it is only 13KB and still works.

    tags: Discontinued Portable desktop-enhancement window-manager minimize-to-tray
  • Clicky Gone

  • Clicky Gone allows you to hide your selected windows from view, this includes the taskbar button associated with the application. This utility particularly helps with protecting your privacy by hiding things like your browser with banking details up and someone walks in on you.

    tags: Portable minimize-to-tray system-tray window-manager
  • HideIt

  • HideIt

    tags: Discontinued Portable system-tray system-tray-program system-utilities
  • Process Manager for Windows

  • Process Manager for Windows is a utility which allows you to to set process priority, minimize windows to the system tray, and moreā€”all via taskbar window button right-click menus.

    tags: process-management system-tray transparency minimize-to-tray
  • TopMenu

  • TopMenu is a functionality clone of PowerMenu, but designed to be compatible with Windows 7 and 64-bit systems.

    tags: Portable transparency minimize-to-tray window-on-top