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PowToon alternatives

  • Prezi

  • Prezi allows anyone who can sketch an idea on a napkin to create and perform stunning non-linear presentations with relations, zooming into details, and adjusting to the time left without the need to skip slides.

    tags: Portable embedded-media free-to-play non-linear-editor non-linear-presentation
  • Moovly

  • Easily create animated videos and other multimedia content (presentations, banners...).

    tags: animated-cartoons animated-ecard animated-video animation content-creation
  • GoAnimate

  • Making a video used to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Not any more!

    tags: animate animation cartoon evernote-integration online-video
  • VideoScribe

  • VideoScribe is a unique way to create engaging animated videos quickly and easily. You are empowered to bring impact to your message without technical or design knowledge.

    tags: animation presentation whiteboard video-maker stop-motion
  • Academic Presenter

  • Academic Presenter is a software which enables users to prepare a special type of vector-based presentations. This unique software helps users to represents very huge graphs in addition to raster images, audios, and even videos. The software composed of two major sectors; the first sector is proposing handy tools to build graphs and frames in a minute. The second sector is animation which creates effulgence transitions in camera and elements for representing different parts of your presentation. The bottom line is that it is FREE. »

    tags: Bundleware infinite-canvas non-linear-presentation offline online-presentation
  • mysimpleshow

  • mysimpleshow helps you to create an explainer video very simply. It propose several predefined storylines and media files. It is possible to use it for free or with additional features with subscription plans.

    tags: animated-video create-explainer-video non-linear-presentation powerpoint-to-video presentation
  • SlideDog

  • SlideDog is a multimedia presentation tool that lets you combine PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Prezi presentations, movie clips, web pages, and more to create an innovative and seamless presentation experience.

    tags: keyframe-animation powerpoint presentation presentation-maker projector
  • Raw Shorts

  • Our platform is easy and intuitive and allows businesses to create beautiful videos from professionally designed templates using a simple drag and drop interface.

    tags: animated-video non-linear-presentation presentation-maker slideshow video-editing
  • PandaSuite

  • PandaSuite makes it easy to create awesome interactive content without any line of code (iOS, Android, HTML5) and to communicate differently through interactive presentation, apps...

    tags: android-apps prototyping iphone-apps design-tools ipad-apps
  • emaze

  • emaze is the next generation of online presentation software. emaze allows you to create a well designed presentation without having to be a designer. Simply select any of our free professionally designed presentation templates to create an amazing visual experience for your audience. Instead of the standardized templates and features other tools provide, emaze allows you to have limitation-free creativity. Our templates come in a wide range of categories, by top designers to fit your messaging. In every presentation, you can utilize innovative features from 3D scenes to 2D slides, pan and zoom, videos, animation, sound effects and more. Built on HTML5 technology, emaze works seamlessly on all browsers and devices.You can easily make the transition from PowerPoint to emaze by importing your presentation through our easy-to-use application. »

    tags: business-tool content-creation content-management content-marketing design
  • Niftio

  • Niftio is a new presentation platform that aims to help any presenter master the art of presentations from the moment he creates the slides to the moment he gets off the stage. Niftio’s designer-made presentation templates paired with its content library make the creation of the slides fun and easy, while the smart pointer and the audience Q&A helps the presenter achieve that professional and confident look. PRODUCT FEATURES:· Rich content library: designer made templates, predefined layouts, thousands of high-quality images, shapes and easily customizable charts.· Smart Pointer: allows the presenter to use any mobile device as a wireless presenter, follow presenter notes and keep track of time.· Audience Q&A to engage better with his audience and get feedback and questions in real time.· Analytics: The Google Analytics integration allows you to see advanced statistics about your audience. »

    tags: analytics audience-engagement audience-interaction audience-response audience-response-system
  • hovercraft

  • * Write your presentations in a text markup language. No slow, limiting GUI, no annoying HTML!* Pan, rotate and zoom in 3D, with automatic repositioning of slides!\* A presenter console with notes and slide previews!* The slide show generated is in HTML, so you only need a web browser to show it.* Easy sharing, as it can be put up on a website for anyone to see!

    tags: html html5 non-linear-presentation plain-text-authoring presentation
  • IntuiFace

  • Template-free, drag-and-drop, no coding software for creating, sharing and deploying interactive experiences - everything from touch screens and Microsoft Kinect to RFID/NFC readers and connected objects. Use your own graphic media, layouts and workflows without ever writing code.Target Windows, iPad, Android and Samsung SSP. Used by companies for everything from digital signs to sales presentations, curated art exhibits to retail kiosks, trade show installations to the classroom. Use our Free Edition today! »

    tags: interactive multi-touch presentation presentation-maker presentation-to-video
  • Wideo

  • Wideo is a web-based animated marketing video creation platform for SMBs, Marketing Professionals, and Digital Agencies. Produce videos quickly and easily with templates. Add your own images and audio, or create a custom video from scratch, then animate in just a few clicks. Video is the best way to hook your desired audience, increase social media engagement, and boost CTRs. Keep costs down while maintaining full creative control as you design professional animated marketing videos with Wideo!

    tags: animation animation-software drag-and-drop flash-based marketing-videos
  • Explee

  • Explee allows you to make eyecatching and interactive animated video. Go for video scribing and whiteboard animation to blow your audience away.

    tags: animated-presentation animated-video animation create-video-presentation presentation