Power Plan Assistant!

Power Plan Assistant alternatives

  • BatteryCare

  • [Opencandy installer. Be careful or choose the portable version: Forum ]

    tags: Bundleware battery-saver battery-monitoring battery-level maintenance
  • Power Scheme Switcher

  • This is a very simple utility that exposes an icon in the system tray and allows you to quickly change the Power Plan Scheme from there.

    tags: battery-saver power-management save-energy energy-saving
  • Aerofoil

  • Aerofoil extends Vista and Windows 7 notebook battery life by:

    tags: battery-saver windows-vista save-energy aero energy
  • Battery Mode

  • Replaces Windows default battery indicator to a more powerful and useful one.It provides backlight control, easy power scheme selection, detailed battery information and a lot of handy features for customization.

    tags: Portable battery-saver power-management screen-brightness power-saving
  • BatteryAlarm 40-80%

  • Monitor the battery of your laptop.

    tags: battery-monitoring battery-level battery-status battery-power systray
  • Accubattery

  • Monitor's battery capacity through the use of science

    tags: sciences battery-level
  • Power Manager Professional

  • Automate, manage, and reduce the running costs of your customers' Macs with Power Manager Professional.

    tags: automation system-administration deployment power-management energy-saving
  • Power Switch

  • Power Switch - Automatically switch between power plans depending on the power source to derive the maximum backup and system performance. Easily switch between power plans with keyboard shortcuts, get notified and run specific program when battery gets fully charged.

    tags: battery-saver increase-performance power-management
  • Impero Corporate

  • Impero combines remote control in an intuitive real time CCTV like live remote thumbnail interface with its advanced computer activity monitoring technology to create a truly holistic view of how your network estate is being utilised in the workplace.

    tags: monitoring network-monitoring power-management remote-administration remote-control