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PlayIt Recorder alternatives

  • Audacity

  • Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. You can use Audacity to record live audio, convert tapes and records, edit sound files, change the speed or pitch of a recording and much more.

    tags: Portable audio-editor audio-recording multitrack-editing music-mixing
  • Moo0 Voice Recorder

  • Moo0 Voice Recorder is a very simple sound recorder.

    tags: Discontinued sound-recorder streaming-audio-recorder
  • SoundTap

  • SoundTap is a streaming audio capture program which will convert audio playing through your computer to mp3 or wav files. Audio is recorded by a virtual driver directly within the kernel so the process is perfect digital quality.

    tags: capture-sound capture-streaming-audio record-output record-speaker speaker-output
  • MP3myMP3

  • MP3myMP3 Recorder saves any audio you hear on your computer straight to mp3 or wav. If you can hear it you can record it!

    tags: audio-recording internet-radio mp3 mp3-my-mp3 record-output
  • Leawo Music Recorder

  • Leawo Music Recorder is the best audio recording software which can record music and audio easily on Windows 8. It is also an online audio recorder that could record audio of various online music sources like YouTube, AOL Music,, etc.

    tags: audio-recording lossless-audio music-recording streaming-audio-recorder youtube-to-mp3
  • Piezo

  • Piezo makes it a snap to record audio on your Mac. With just a few clicks, you can record audio from any application, or from audio input devices like microphones. Piezo's great for recording from VoIP applications like Skype and iChat as well. Save conversations or interviews for podcasts.

    tags: audio-recording
  • iEasyRecorder

  • iEasyRecorder is a powerful Mac audio recording program which allows you to record audio, sounds and music from any applications, websites, VoIP conversation, microphone or external device on Mac. It also can record from more than one application at the same time. The build it editor also allows you to edit audio without leaving its interface.

    tags: audio-recording built-in-editor
  • PCWIN Speaker Record

  • PCWin Speaker Record - records everything you hear from your speakers. Save as mp3 or wav files. Records at 128 Kbps CD quality. Now you can enjoy your music and podcast anytime!

    tags: audio-recording record-speaker record-output speaker-output
  • Abyssmedia Streaming Audio Recorder

  • Abyssmedia Streaming Audio Recorder is an easy to use program that allows you to top up your music collection with unlimited free music. The recorder supports multiple streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, Sirius Radio, Yahoo Music, SoundCloud and many others to record audio with just a single click. The recorder is 100% legal way to record your favorite tracks from music stations for free for personal use. Scheduled recording is a very powerful feature. It allows you to program as many events as you would like, and allows you to schedule streaming recordings to happen once, every day, or fixed date. It's a great way to keep from missing your favorite radio program! VOX is a smart recording system, which means WMA MP3 recorder has a smart silence detector to detect and skip silent snippet, and stop recording automatically. Each track of a music CD can be automatically recorded and saved individually. »

    tags: capture-sound capture-streaming-audio mp3-recorder record-streaming-audio sound-recorder
  • i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder Pro

  • General purpose audio recorder software: capture streaming audio, skype conversations, transfer audio cassettes to mp3

    tags: sound-recorder mp3-recorder capture-streaming-audio
  • Free Sound Recorder

  • Free Sound Recorder is an easy-to-use FREE software program that lets you record any sounds from your sound card and save the recording directly into MP3, WMA or WAV files.

    tags: audio-recording record-speaker sound-recorder
  • HarddiskOgg

  • On-the-fly-line-in-to-Ogg Vorbis/Wave/Monkeys Audio/MP3-encoding. HarddiskOgg takes a wave input stream from any Windows 95/98/2000/XP compatible sampling device (including microphone input and line in) and converts it to an Ogg Vorbis/Wave/Monkeys Audio/MP3 (optional) stream. This happens in realtime, so basically it is a harddisk recorder in Ogg Vorbis.

    tags: analog audio-recording codec direct line-in
  • Macsome Audio Recorder

  • It records from applications like Skype, iTunes, or DVD Player. It also records from microphones and other hardware.Macsome AudioRecorder customize Recording settings to improve audio quality from any application, set time recording, save the recording directly into MP3, AAC files, burn recorded files to MP3 CDs, and audio CDs.You may also record Multiple application synchronously. The built-in silence monitor will help detect the muted sections and control recording the sections or not. Users can save the recording into a new file automatically by splitting, and much more - Macsome Audio Recorder does it. »

    tags: skype-recorder voice-recorder record-any-audio record-any-sound record-itunes