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Pivot Animator alternatives

  • Synfig Studio

  • Synfig Studio is a free and open-source 2D animation software, designed as powerful industrial-strength solution for creating film-quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork.

    tags: 2d-animation animation animation-production cartoon high-dynamic-range-imaging-hdri-
  • Stykz

  • Stykz is the first multi-platform stick figure animation program in the world (as far as we know), so you'll be able to use Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux* to create, edit and preview your animations. (*Linux is in internal beta but will be available soon.) If you've ever used Pivot StickFigure Animator, you'll feel right at home working with Stykz. It was designed to be a superset of Pivot's feature set, so we know you'll appreciate the similarities to Pivot as well as the extra features that Stykz has to offer! »

    tags: Discontinued animation animator figure flash
  • Stick Nodes

  • Stick Nodes is an app that allows you to easily create your own stickfigure-based animations! You're only limited by your own creativity, the possibilities of what you can create are endless. Those familiar with animation will really love the features that are packed into Stick Nodes:- Automatic frame-tweening turned on/off with the click of a button.- Great variety in segment shape types allows for greater creativity.- Color/scale on a per-segment basis - easily color your stickfigures.- Ability to create, save, import, and share stickfigures you create.- Compatibility with Pivot-created .stk files (version 2.2.7 and earlier).- Pinch-to-zoom to make animating more convenient and simple.- Forward and backward onion-skinning for precise animating.- Clean, simple interface created with mobile devices in mind.- A "panning mode" to move all stickfigures simultaneously.- Can export movies to either animated gifs or mp4 videos.- An undo/redo system for up to twenty actions. Users can also submit their own stickfigure creations (via in-app submission form) to the stickfigure library on the main website for others to download and use in their animations. »

    tags: speech-to-text stickfigure-animation stickfigure-animator
  • Stick Figure Master

  • Stick Figure Master (SFM) is a freeware web application that can be used to create and share 2D animations of stick figure characters using pose-to-pose or frame-by-frame animation techniques.

    tags: animation educational-tool animation-graphic-editor character-animation stick-figures
  • Stickman Builder

  • Create your own fascinating stick figures on the fly with this FREE parametric graphic Stickman Builder!Key features: - It's parametric! No need to painfully squint if the arms are the same length - they automatically are! - No need to erase! EVER! Placed a hand at a wrong angle? No problems - just move the slider a bit. - Change the line thickness in one click!- The configurations of limbs are limited only by your imagination! Need a nasty alien stickman thingy? Go ahead!!-Save your stickman in a native .stk format, so that, unlike .bmp you can always change things even after you saved loaded it, and even EXCHANGE your bravest stickman designs with friends! »

    tags: 2d-animation animation stick-figures stickfigure-animation stickfigure-animator
  • StickyPy

  • Stick figure animation program written in Python and PyGame.StickyPy has quite a wide variety of features so far, these include: Key frames for interpolation Friendly user interface (It isn't as hard as it looks) Variety of limb shapes: Line, Circle, Text, and Image Logical tree scene layout Zooming and panning Almost everything can be animated A camera viewport (Also animatable) Multiple vertex selection Box and lasso selection tools A Keyframe editor Simple saving and loading Onion skinning (Or motion blur, whatever floats your boat) Simple rendering Pretty fast, considering its written in Python 100% from scratch, including the GUI system! »

    tags: 2d-animation animation stick-figures stickfigure-animation stickfigure-animator
  • ChalkMotion

  • ChalkMotion is a a collaborative library of simple hand drawn images and online presentation tool, designed to help visualize and share ideas. Choose from hundreds of images, or draw your own.

    tags: graphics hand-drawn-animations presentation-maker stickfigure-animator
  • stickman animation

  • Simple stick animation using javascript.Features: lines, circles, arcs line colors and widths zoom add & delete frames change number of calculated intermediate frames save as gif save projects run locally or on a webserver

    tags: 2d-animation animation stick-figures stickfigure-animation stickfigure-animator

  • TISFAT Easily create animations with stick figures.

    tags: Discontinued animation create-animations stick-figures