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OpenTable alternatives

  • Hostme

  • With Hostme, maximize your restaurant seatings through advanced reservation management, table management, waitlist management and customized loyalty programs - all from a completely customizable app.

    tags: food-and-drink front-of-house reservation-system restaurant-reservation tablet-support
  • simpleERB

  • simpleERB offers free restaurant booking software. Web, telephone, Facebook and walk-in restaurant reservations, table management, yield management, CRM, review management, social media integration, staff management, SMS notifications, waitlist.

    tags: crm-software erb restaurant-management restaurant-booking-system waitlist
  • OrgBusiness Software

  • OrgBusiness Software is a software company focused on the development of time management programs that include:

    tags: business-management calendar courier-management hotel-booking reminders
  • Online Booking Tools

  • Online booking and reservation software for any business. If you already have your own webpage you can add our online booking system to your own webpage. Book simple appointments or make complex reservations that require the availability of multiple resources - people, places, or things. Reservation types allow you to set the rules for your online appointments and reservations. You decide which resources need to be available in order for each type to be allowed. Each resource has a unique label and a photo/avatar to display within the calendar. As such, it doesn't matter which resource types you need to display - human resources, department resources, etc. The dashboard lets you add resources like employees, equipment, rooms, or vehicles, and define which resources are required for each type of reservation you'd like to offer. No matter how complicated your scheduling is, Online Booking Software makes it easy for your customers to book online. When clients book for the first time, they only have to enter their name, email and phone number. Customer may remove (edit) own reservation with ‘Pending’ status from his reservations table. Respective client will be redirected to the Paypal site for the money transformation. Reservation confirmation email sent to the respective client. Receipts will be generated of successful transaction and shown to the client - if Admin or Resource Owner set booking status: 'Confirmed'. Time Slots Calendar lets you book time slot bookings during the day / night, collects payments online and lets you manage all reservations. The script is very easy to use and very customizable. You can configure time slot length, enable bookings and payments and manage multiple calendars through an easy to use administration page. We are not priced "per admin, staff or resource" or "per user". You can use one account on any number of web pages or different websites without any additional costs. »

    tags: appointment-software booking booking-online-scheduling booking-software booking-tools
  • 7shifts

  • Rather than building software that works 'ok' for all industries, we decided to make 7shifts work perfectly for restaurants. The result? Simple, and easy-to-use restaurant scheduling software

    tags: scheduling scheduler restaurants employee-scheduling restaurant
  • BookioPro

  • BookioPro is an online reservation system for restaurants. It increases number of reservations thanks to the efficient restaurant management. It helps you attract more customers to your restaurant and it collects their feedbacks, remembers names, contacts and dates of visits. Moreover, BookioPro collects all data for marketing and commercial purposes and builds customer database. The system monitors your performance, collects quality data about capacity of restaurant and customer reviews and it creates detailed reports every day. BookioPro is highly reliable, available on any device online and offline (even when the internet connection is lost), cloud solution included. There is no installation needed and system has automatic data synchronization. BookioPro has 30-day free trial and then you can choose one of three packages – Basic, Standard, Pro – price is not influenced by the amount of reservations, you pay monthly. »

    tags: customer-feedback floor-plans management-tools reservation reservation-system
  • eZee Burrp!

  • eZee BurrP! is a desktop based Restaurant POS software with a presence in more than 70 countries worldwide. The software offers robust features that help all restaurant types to manage and run their service operations with higher efficiency.

    tags: point-of-sale inventory-management restaurant-management-system
  • Joomla Reservation Calendar

  • Apptha Eventz allows you to easily manage your events. It is compatible upto Joomla 2.5. This extension works well on most of the Joomla tempates that follows standard coding.Apptha Eventz is a Joomla module that allows you to schedule events in an easy and effective manner. Whether it is for conferences, meetings, stage shows, personalized programs, resources or anything, this Apptha Eventz component helps you to schedule them in a user friendly manner. The product supports multiple payment gateways. »

    tags: reservation-system joomla-extension event-manager joomla-events-calendar-module
  • resmio

  • resmio is an online marketing and reservation management solution for restaurants that allows you to manage online reservations, build relationships with your guests and manage your bookings and revenue from one system.

    tags: restaurant-management restaurant-reservation
  • Eramys

  • Eramys can cater to all requirements available within a restaurant.

    tags: restaurant-management-system
  • Seatris - Restaurant Mastermind

  • Seatris is a web-based restaurant management software aiming to be the first virtual assistant for restaurants to ease daily operations, increase revenue and reduce no-shows. Our goal is to help restaurants become more sustainable in their business model by applying machine learning technology and predictive analytics.

    tags: noshows online-booking reservation-system restaurant restaurant-management
  • smart restaurant pos

  • Tablet Ordering: When your waiter/captain took order with tablet, it does not only seems premium but also save floor time of staff that can be used towards better guest experience.

    tags: android-pos restaurant-erp restaurant-management restaurant-pos restaurant-software
  • Smart Resturant

  • Smart Restaurant is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant and more.Whether you’re having a small restaurant, or a multi branch or multi department,our technology and expertise can help you improve your restaurant operation and increase your profitability.

    tags: restaurants point-of-sale restaurant-management-system