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Openfire alternatives

  • Trillian

  • Trillian is an instant messaging app that works on phones, tablets, and desktops while keeping your chats neatly synchronized between all of them! We think conversation should be easily shared between all of your devices, not trapped as text messages on your phone. Here's how we do it:• INSTANT MESSAGING: Your unique Trillian username can be used to send unlimited messages free of charge. Trillian uses your existing data plan and/or WiFi.• ANYWHERE: Trillian's continuous client feature delivers your chats instantly between all of your connected devices. In addition, Trillian automatically silences push notifications on mobile devices if you're active on a desktop - no more dealing with a phone buzzing on your desk all day!• SIMPLE: Trillian places a strong emphasis on fast and reliable message delivery and a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.• SECURE: All communication with Trillian servers uses TLS to ensure third-parties can't read your chats.• INTEROPERABLE: Of course, Trillian wouldn't be Trillian without support for Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, and Jabber. »

    tags: aim bonjour chat-clients facebook-client facebook-integration

  • is a growing ecosystem for open, decentralised chat, VoIP and IoT communication.

    tags: chat-bot chat-clients communications decentralized distributed
  • Prosody

  • Prosody is a modern flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua. It aims to be easy to set up and configure, and light on resources. For developers it aims to be easy to extend and give a flexible system on which to rapidly develop added functionality, or prototype new protocols.

    tags: jabber xmpp xmpp-jabber-server
  • Cisco WebEx

  • Webex: The leader in online meetings, desktop sharing, web conferencing, video conference, net meeting, web conference. Get a free 14-day trial of WebEx online meetings, the leading web conferencing and video conference solution for sales presentations, webinars, online training, remote support.

    tags: desktop-sharing meetings online-meeting real-time-collaboration web-conferencing
  • MongooseIM platform

  • MongooseIM is aimed at large, complex enterprise level projects, where real-time communication is critical for business success. It provides high availability, ease of deployment, development and reliability in production.

    tags: blog-publishing chat-clients chat-history chat-rooms chat-servers

  • Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime – without the fuss! lets you hold free conference calls in HD audio with up to 400 people at a time and download free online meetings with video chat and screen sharing. All FREE, with no hidden contracts or fees.

    tags: audio-recording call-recording conference-bridging conference-call-service desktop-sharing
  • TrueConf

  • The Best Software Video Conferencing SystemTrueConf Server is used by 5000 companies around the world connecting thousands of workplaces and conference rooms. The server is specially designed to work in your corporate nertwork. Deploying TrueConf Server takes only 15 minutes!

    tags: chat-clients instant-messaging schedule-meeting screen-sharing social-network
  • Bopup Communication Server

  • Bopup Communication Server is an instant messaging server for private IM, internal chat and secure collaboration over corporate and business networks. It provides Active Directory support and integration, message and file archiving, offline messaging and document distribution with a strong encryption of transmitted data. The server offers various authentication modes to accept user connections, manages user groups from a single place, supports and handles easy and very effective distribution of documents and important events from the IM server to employees and users. »

    tags: active-directory-messaging business-chat business-instant-messaging business-messaging chat-clients
  • Apache Vysper

  • Apache Vysper aims to be a modular, full featured XMPP (Jabber) server. It has highly modular design. The core of XMPP is defined in the standards RFC3920 and RFC3921. XMPP is more commonly known as 'Jabber'.

    tags: Portable bosh instant-messaging jabber-clients modular-system
  • Tigase

  • Tigase is an open source (AGPL3) project started by Artur Hefczyc in October 2004 to develop an XMPP server implementation in Java.

    tags: chat-clients xmpp-jabber-server
  • EZTalks

  • EZTalks is a provider of video and Web conferencing solutions. The core functionality of the product includes HD video conferencing and screen sharing. EZTalks also offers toll-free audio conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing, remote control of applications and a white board for annotating presentations and images during meetings.

    tags: chat-clients video-conferencing webinar
  • ejabberd SaaS

  • ejabberd SaaS (Software as a Service) messaging is the ideal solution for companies that want to provide state of the art and future proof messaging service for their own users.

    tags: jabber xmpp
  • mpowr

  • Mpowr is a simple & lightweight web conferencing tool with video recording and screen sharing that makes internal and external communication much more convenient and efficient by seamlessly integrating to Slack and Hubspot. Hence, you can share conference details with your Slack Team and store conference details seamlessly in your Hubspot CRM.

    tags: communications-software screen-sharing video-conferencing video-recording web-conferencing